Wicking Self Build Coils

When I started DIY I realised that I didn’t have anything to test my liquids as they were going along their steeping journey.

I use TFV4 atomisers on a IPV4S mod so if I were to test my juice I am wasting quite alot if I put enough in a tank.

I sought advice on what others did and I eventually settled on buying a Infinite self build atomiser.

I researched how to build coils and bought a Coilmaster kit which I find easy to use. I was able to build my dual coils easily after watching the Coilmaster video and many others on You Tube. They are glowing well and from the centre with no hot legs or anything bad.

The problem appears to be when I wick it. I just don’t seem to get a good burn on the juice at all. I am obviously not wicking it right at all.

I would actually probably like to get into dripping so has anybody any good advice about wicking.

The coils I built are about 0.35Ω.

Optimal wicking is different from tank to tank and from build to build. In general I use enough wicking for it to be able to just squeeze through without distorting the coil - you don’t want too little or you can get dry hits and/or spitback - In general for tanks, I have enough wick to just go below the top lip of the juice channel - Some, like the Griffin, I let the wick to all the way to the bottom of the channel, but still not poke out.

By far the easiest to wick is the Aromamizer - that one you just wick like a dripper, bend the cotton down to lay on top of the juice holes and you’re good to go - couldn’t be easier :smiley:

For specific tanks there are usually good videos showing how to wick it for good results :slightly_smiling:


^^^what he said. ^^^


I also agree with daath , it seems most all atomizers have their differences.What type wick are you using?I have gone to rayon on about everything but if you are like the majority and using a type of cotton pad then I would probably try the Scottish roll method.


Cheers mate. That all makes sense. It is a dripper set up to test a small amount of juice. By the sounds of your description I don’t have enough cotton in it.

It does keep “spitting”. Is that a sign of not enough cotton?

Yeah. Having just started doing it I am using the cotton pad that came with the kit. I take it you would advise going to Rayon?

As a Scot I should be able to use the Scottish rolling method. Lol!!!

Great video. I’ll give it a bash.

Thank you.

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Usually spitting is too little cotton - you should be able to pull the cotton through the coil, but just barely :slightly_smiling:


Yeah it’s spitting like a bloody Cobra!!!

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Just tried it there and it worked alot better with no spitting. I had made my first coils 1.5mm. I binned them and made 3.5mm ones and it works much much better.


heheh 1.5mm is very small! :smiley:

3.5mm are BIG! :smiley: I usually go with 2.5 and 3mm - not many I can fit with 3.5mm - but when I can, I do :smiley: Usually 6/7 wraps 0.6mm Titanium :smiley: Griffin! :smiley:


Just started building coils myself and found that wicking correctly seems to be my first hurdle to overcome. :thinking: