Wicking the Sigelei Moonshot

I have my own way to wick this little RTA. Since I’ve been raving about it lately I thought I’d share. BTW I already posted some pics back in April but I’ve had a couple folks request more detail so here it is.

Here are the parts. The deck is on the far right and we’ll wick it outside of the base like this. The chimney section still has the top cap screwed down so those actually are 2 separate parts. FYI - although there may be room for larger coils, 2.5 mm allows for the perfect amount of cotton. So let’s get the cotton through them.

I like to have the wicks go all the way to the bottom of the juice channels. To make it easy to cut the proper length I’ll fold the wick over and press it against the deck bottom with my thumb. It makes a nice imprint to use as a guide for the cut.

Once cut, then wet the wicks with juice and tuck into the channels. You’ll want to do this in a way where there’s as little protruding outside the circumference of the deck base as possible, and of course not sticking out over the sides. The aim here is to have as much cotton filling the juice channels as possible without packing it tightly or having any pinched when reassembling the deck and chamber. Then reassemble. It’s important to line this up correctly because if not then the deck won’t seat into the chamber fully and will leave a space where juice can easily leak out. It’s easy to know the correct position for the deck and chamber when putting them together…on the chamber is a set of crossed swords (look like baseball bats to me :slight_smile: ) and those will line up directly in front of one of the coils. If it seems like it’s not going to fit, just rotate to the other coil, jiggle, whatever. It will fall into place.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/8/187dda6a4be96c9aed3ed775aeb5a1971b26a1cd.JPG" width=“375” height="500>

When assembled properly there should be some protrusion of the pin from the base of the threads, thereby making it safe to use with hybrid mods. Please make sure to check this (with all attys) if you’re planning to use with a hybrid mod…very important in avoiding a nasty and potentially deadly explosion! If the pin doesn’t protrude DO NOT use on a hybrid mod. For anyone who doesn’t know, a hybrid mod is one where the 510 connection / atty pin makes direct contact with the battery.

I mounted this to a regulated mod after tanking a few pulls on the Noisy Cricket, which has been my favorite set up of late. I wanted to get a feel for the vape and try to find a wattage that seemed to match the mech experience I was getting. I started at 85 watts, worked my way up to 145 watts where it was starting to get a bit too hot for me. Wicking across this range was not an issue at all, and I actually made a video of this but for some reason the upload to YouTube keeps hanging up. Anyway, I found my happy spot at 125 watts. The build is 24ga Kanthal, 11 wraps and 2.5mm ID. Ohms out at 0.5.



I didn’t read it (sorry) but I looked at the pix and that’s exactly how I did it. Doing it the way I’ve seen reviewers do it didn’t work for me!
Have you guys tried the Coil art Mage? Very similar tank with amazing flavor!


That looks like a much improved Moonshot. The single terminal per post on the Moonshot makes it a challenge to build. So the Mage’s 2 terminal posts like a velocity is already winning me over. Add the extra 1ml or so it will hold…looks very good. May just have to get one of them. Thanks for the share sir!


Thank you for the tutorial and the words of wisdom about using it on a hybrid connection.I picked up a couple of them and I am happy with the vape although I have only had it one day so I can’t comment much on the quality.I will say that I am happy thus far and can’t see any issues as of yet.
I have read reports that some have a short 510 pin but both of mine are long enough to safely use on the NC.
I was a little worried about the build difficulty but it isn’t bad at all ,anyone that has built on the pre velocity style decks will not have any issues.It is still much easier than any of the old three post style decks.
Thanks again for the review and for answering my questions earlier!

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