Wife needs a new mod

Hi Guys,

My wife needs a new mod. She currently has an Aspire Plato which now leaks like a sieve. She wants one like mine (Sigelei with a Clieto tank) but we are trying to find a good one for a good price that is NOT shipped from China.

Any suggestions on a mod and site?

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I gave my wife (who isn’t a heavy vapor) my Wismec mini 80w with my Smok RTA-G2 and I put a 26g Kanthal .5 ohm dual vertical build on it and she loves it. 35w at 4v and she’s chuckin little baby clouds


VaporDNA seems to be a popular site and they have a good reputation. Is there any particular reason you don’t want one shipped from a China vendor?. If it’s to do with shipping times I would suggest gearbest, they ship to me in Ireland in around 10 days on average.

There are a bunch of suggestions here:

Evcigarettes.com had some good options and fast shipping too, not sure if it was mentioned in that thread or not.

(Sigelei with a Clieto tank)



Everything is rated by purchasers on both these sites.

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My wife is running this setup and really likes it.


The ceramic coil lasts quite awhile, a couple of weeks usually and gives excellent flavor and good vapor production even at 25W.

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I love my Segelie 213 and 213 Fuchai
But I hear some problems in temp control which I never use
The new 213 plus is supposed to be better color screen also but cost a little more
I got them from VapeNW

The carbon fiber doesn’t scratch
Only thing the top cap does seperated if dropped both have a gap now but work great
The plus they added a third screw in the top

Love the Smok Alien, kit comes with baby beast. Can’t go wrong with an Eleaf Pico 75, kit comes with Mello III mini. Eleaf Ijust S is a very simple but great working mod. Vapresso Tarot is a classy looking mod.

Thanks all, she picked the Aspire Pegasus with the Triton tank. Got it for $45 at EVCigarettes. Hopefully its good, the reviews were at least and the price was really good.

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the clieto is and always be a favorite for tanks i love the alien as well you could get both at vapenw.com

Give her one and buy your self a new shiny lil

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I highly recommend the Smok Alien 220w mod and the Smok Big Baby Beast tank. Mod holds 2 batteries yet is comfortable in the hand because it’s so small, the screen has everything you could want on it, and I love the “hard” setting which basically eliminates any ramp-up time. The big baby beast I recommend over the baby beast that comes in the kit because the baby beast only holds 3ml. Use the X4 coils for awesome flavor. Both of these come in so many different matching colors. The only bad thing I can say about either of these is that SMOK coils have a weird machine-oil taste that takes about 20 puffs to dissipate every time you put a new coil in.

I have literally had 0 leaks whatsoever since I bought mine, and I’ve had it for 2 months now.

The Joytech Evic VTC Mini is a great mod. Easy to use, great display and solid as all get out. I bought one for my ex when they first came out and she still uses it despite multiple drops from 3 feet It’s also software upgradable which is nice. You can find them at most US based web stores. The newest, Evic VTC Dual, can use one or two batteries and has more available power.
Once you get your list of potential mods, use VapeCrawler and just put in what you’re looking for by make and/or model… It"ll let you know the country of origin for each web site and sort by price. Great little search engine.


wow that is a cool thing to have available ty

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No problem brother. Just sharing what’s been given by other family members. I haven’t had a bad experience ordering from any of the sites listed on VC as of yet, and I use it all the time.

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Can’t go wrong with @Whiterose0818 mods! Why not support one of our own rather than China?