Will this work?

I want to make this recipe…

However, I don’t have Watermelon Candy. I do have Watermelon and Hard Candy. Would I be able to finagle this using those two?

Oh, and my Raspberry is TPA, would any adjustments be needed?

Is it Hard Candy (FW)? I don’t know how to sub that. I would probably up the Watermelon a little, and then add 1.5% Hard Candy…

I would up the Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA) to 1.9% - the Inawera is strong! :slight_smile:
My reasoning is this: Inawera median mixing % is 0.8% - they are using 0.5%. Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA) median is 3% and 3/0.8 = 3.75 so 0.5*3.75 = 1.875 and then I round up to 1.9% :slight_smile:

Beware that it will taste completely different than the recipe you link to though :wink:


I haven’t worked much with watermelon flavors, but if you’re subbing tpa rb it’ll be weaker than inawera. I’d probably try it around 3%.


Yes, You will definitely need to review the flavornotes & adjust the the percentages in mix. What you are postulating is creating a new recipe based on another DIYrs mix. I like looking at other DIYrs recipes to get new ideas :+1:


Thanks everyone for the help!

@daath Yes, the Hard Candy is FW.

I don’t know if this helps, but I will suggest it. I mix 5-10 ml samples off all of my flavors based on the median single flavor % and notes people include. I can try them and see how they taste & how strong they are. And, if I am not sure about a recipe or flavor combination/substitution, I add the sample juices to my tank in some way proportionate to the recipe. (It’s not an exact science. Since all my sample bottles are the same, I count drops). I carefully shake my tank a bit and try to get the flavors combined as best as I can, they tend to mix easily. Then I vape it. I can usually tell if my substitution works, or if I think I will like a recipe. The flavors are all diluted at different %'s though, that’s the variable that will change the exact flavor between the recipe and a sample tank like this. Like I said, it isn’t an exact science, but can be helpful for little experiments for seeing if something will work.