Win 100W ETALIENS E.T-X3, Enjoy Stable Vaping Experience--7/19

Are you tired of the mod on your hand? Do you want to own a striking mod which makes you stand out of the crowds? Here we bring you a new mod - ETALIENS E.T-X3, giving you a fresh feeling. It adopts special E.T design style, which is so ergonomic to fit nicely in your hand. Powered by single 26650 battery, it can fire up at most 100W. It comes with temperature control mode, and matches with various tanks, meeting different vaping needs. The 0.91-inch OLED screen shows the menu clearly, which ensures an easy-operation for you. Moreover, it’s simply interchangeable between 18650 and 26650 battery with rubber cover. Do you want to try this cool mod at the first time? This time we prepare 1 kit to give away.

1.Share your thoughts on this ETALIENS E.T-X3 mod. Any suggestion on improving it?
2.Share your current vaping device with us. (pictures are preferred)
3.What’s your favorite ejuice flavor for summer vaping?
4.Share this mod on any of your social media page. (Optional)

1.We use to select and announce 1 winne on July 20th, 2017.
2.Each person can post 6 times at most
3.We require at least 25 participants.


1 I’m not so keen on the screw on battery cover. I’m used to magnetic battery covers and wonder how well the threads on the battery cover will hold up over time. I suppose I could charge it with the USB port and leave the battery in it but it is more convenient IMHO to switch out a dead battery than charge with the USB.
2 Vaporesso Nebula with a Merlin Mini

3 favorite ejuice flavor for summer vaping

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I have seen a few of these Alien type design mods in the past, which are ultimately spoiled by a rather bland looking tank on top. Somebody in the design department needs to get creative and design an alien head tank that just looks right for the rest of the mod…


The Lost Vape Paranormal doesn’t come out till the end of July but got one of these pre-order

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Been vaping this for a couple of summers now, lovely with a cold drink on the patio on a summers evening.

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Another good Heavengifts giveaway


Thanks for the tag @Bikerdude!

This mod is definitely very unique looking! I think the rubber cover would make it more comfortable to hold. For my personal taste, it’s a bit too sci fi, but I like that it’s got character! I agree with bikerdude about the screw on battery case. I think that a magnetic one is easier. Unless it has something to do with the rubber cover that requires this??

I am currently vaping on a kanger Kbox 200 with a Crown tank. I screwed up the finish around where the tank attaches in the first few weeks I had it. Luckily, I have learned better!! Going to try to see if I can fix that up soon.

Right now my two favorite summer vapes are really simple, just stand alone flavors. PUR Tropical Blend flavor at 7% and secondly, CAP Sweet Guava at 5%. Both give that exotic tropical taste that is perfect for summer.

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I just won a contest from @Heaven_Gifts, the awesome Smoant Charon that was delivered today, and I am excited to try out! I am participating in order to reach the required number of participants.
Thank you so much for holding so many contests!

@worm1 this one is going to be you!!!


I love the sci-fi look of this but have to agree with the screw on battery cover. I haven’t owned a mod with a screw on cover for a long time. Too much of a PITA.

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Tobacco NET :joy:

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My camera is F’ed but I sure love this tank.

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  1. I want to help someone win this MOD. But will PIF if I win. I honestly find this design repulsive & not user friendly. The 510 deck is not manageable for tanks or RDAs over 24mm.
    Thanks for the tag @Josephine_van_Rijn :+1:

2} My first mechanical mod


I really like the looks of this mod the only improvement I can think of might be a bit more wattage, maybe 150 watts!

  1. Simply & Delicious
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  1. Done :white_check_mark: Book of Faces
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6} @Quang
That makes Six :+1:
Good Luck :four_leaf_clover: