Win 80W Hcigar Aurora, A compact Squonk mod with 21700/18650/20700 Compatibility--5/21

Under the main trend of Squonk, have you found a suitable mod for yourself? If not, don’t worry. Today we bring you a new squonk mod from Hcigar, called Aurora. It’s compact and ergonomic with clean single-color body. Compatible with a single 21700/18650/20700 battery, Aurora mod supports the maximum output of 80W with TC/VW working modes. The most interesting feature of Aurora is the unique battery replacement system, which helps you easily replace battery without an adapter. Besides, it adopts Towis XT80C chipset and 0.96-inch high-definition display, bringing you an impressive vaping with safe output performance and easy operation. Wanna give it a try? Maybe you could not tear yourself away from it. Now we have prepared 1 set for you. Join us now!

To enter:

1.Share your thoughts of this Hcigar Aurora.
2.Have you used any squonk mods? If yes, please list the names. If not, just comment with Hcigar Aurora.
3.Which tank do you think is the most matchy with Aurora?
4.Tag 3 of your friends here to enter.

1.We will pick 1 lucky winner via on May 21, 2018.
2.Each person can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 20 participants.

  1. Share your thoughts of this Hcigar Aurora.
    Nice clean and simple design with reliable hardware inside. I like it :+1:

#1 If it works as good as it looks then who ever wins it should be very happy indeed.

#2 Yes, I have been squonking for a while now. what have I used… I have a REO which I love very much, a frankenskull which isn’t as nice as I was led to believe. Kanger 160 which is junk, but some how with a little glue and some duct tape still works. I have a wooden one which I built myself and put a DNA 75 in it. Last but not least I built one from aluminium which kinda sucks because I can’t work with metal to save my life. oh ya, my very first squonker, an Sbody S-CA3 and hopefully an Aurora 80w real soon. :grin:

#3. Tank!?!? Blasphemy!!! But I will say that any one of my Twisted messes RDA’s would look REAL nice on it

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#4 @Sprkslfly @Alisa @SunnyT


#5 @SessionDrummer @DaveDave @Muth
Battery Mooch tells us which 21700’s and 20700’s are good


1 I’m here for the participation trophy, but I will share all my thoughts in this one post as well lol. The mod looks nice, the fun button looks very interesting, tanks don’t go on squonkers, it’s a shame it’s limited to 80w with the 2x700 battery option, and @anon44944642 @R113 @anon28032772 and oh yeah @Steampugs I know you love single battery squonks lol


I really love how compactness and the bright colors! I like the different types of batteries that can be used!!

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Post #2
@Ken_O_Where @robin @Silhouette @MysticRose


Post #3
I’d like to use my Dead Rabbit sq

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cant live without em
favourite thing in the whole world…right next to raisins and hangovers

:expressionless: :fu:

  1. Tried using using Capo squonker but the mod wouldnt stopped leaking and I was too afraid the it will shorten the batery and blew whats left of my teeth so I stopped. :rofl:

I’m opening my big mouth before reading the rules but any converted RDTA with a BF pin works doubly fine :grin:

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Ah geez, I just spent the last 2 hours shopping for xx700 batts and reading Mooch’s specs. Should have come here first. And thx for tagging me. Btw, a friend of mine in the business just told me about VRK batteries out of CA. So far, so good. They look like a nice battery and I’m hoping Mooch will test and review them.


Post #1…Is it okay to name friends already tagged. I’m kinda new and don’t have a lot of friends :sob: :thinking: @Pro_vape @Dan_the_Man @MysticRose
I’m too tired to start naming my squonks, how about tomorrow :roll_eyes:


Entry #1


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Entry #2
Wow this is a cool looking mod. And made from hcigar… a company with a good reputation… and known for making some good products … looks like a cool squonker . Regulated. Small compact…I like !

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Entry #3
Red one would look good with a red bf rda. Like a nudge or recurve, maybe a dead rabbit…
I would prolly rock the kaees Aladdin rda , my single coil bf rda

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Entry #4

Have you used any squonk mods? If yes, please list the names. If not, just comment with Hcigar Aurora


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