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Win Arctic Dolphin Anita, One Fine& Powerful Squonk Mod--5/3


Arctic Dolphin has been striving to work on bottom feed system. Now they proudly introduced the Anita mod with a new squonk possibility. Anita is supported by single 18650 battery which boosts a maximum 100w power. The whole frame is made of aluminum alloy features light weight and durability. The exterior is also charming. The side panel is changeable by up to 9 color options. Meanwhile, Arctic Dolphin adopts a high quality silicone to make the bottle, very durable, very easy to squeeze. Wanna give this high-end mod a try?
Enter our contest to win it free!

To enter:

  1. Which color of Arctic Dolphin Anita you like most?

  2. What else product of Arctic Dolphin do you know?

  3. Which tank/atomizer do you think fit for Arctic Dolphin Anita?

  4. Tag 3 of your friends here to enter.

1.We will pick 1 lucky winner via random.org on May 3, 2018.
2.Each person can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 20 participants.


Post #1
I prefer that red wood grain but they all looks nice enuff.


Post #2
Most of the artic dolphin products catch me eye: arthur, soul, crea


Post #3
The advertised width of the anita is 30mm but from pics it appears to have beveled sides so slightly less atty would look great, of course u’d need a sqounk pin too to get the most enjoyment!


Post #4
@SessionDrummer @GalacticResidue @Fishaddict420 @whosyourdaddy @tartarusspawn @AlanS @Hobag @Mix_and_Hope @robin @mew


Post #5
@Ken_O_Where @SthrnMixer @JMak642 @woftam @BoDarc @Sprkslfly @CosmicTruth @SmilingOgre @Fresh7 @Rob62


1 the wood grain or the blue both look nice


2 the arthur


3 if it will fit a 30mm then the Centurion RDA


4 @lolly @woftam @Sprkslfly


5 @Molly_Mcghee @Cutlass92 @Mark_Turner


1 I would like the black one, I like black mods and atty’s


2 the only other arctic dolphin I know is crea


3 my wanko! My favorite bf rda!!


Post 1

The black leather, with red wood close 2nd


4 @kumquat @fidalgo_vapes @TurdFerguson1


5 I wanna second squonker!!


Post 2

The frequently “destroyed by Grubby” Arthur! :tada: :laughing:


Post 3

The Wotofo Recurve


thanks for the tag @worm1 and @TheTinMan1!

Post 4

@smile29 @GuSs1 @N27