Win Cool Vapor Arthur, An Exquisite RDA for Cloud Chasers (Ended)

Hey guys, wanna step into the dripping field? Tired of your current RDA and looking for a new one? Then you should follow me to check this new RDA – Cool Vapor Arthur, which is a beautiful dripper tank with 24mm diameter. It features an innovative 24K gold-plated base with dual coils building deck, ensuring you a super easy building and fitting for various wires. It comes with cross style adjustable bottom airflow to produce smooth airflow and reduce heat production. Together with a dome style chamber as well as the Germany imported PEI drip tip, it will definitely provide you a cool vaping with intense flavor. Wanna give this cute atty a try? Then don’t hesitate to join us. We have prepared 1 kit for you.


  1. What’s your thoughts on this Arthur RDA?
  2. Which mod do you wanna pair with Arthur RDA? Please pick one at Heaven Gifts and paste the link here.
  3. Share Cool Vapor Arthur RDA on any of your social media platforms. (Optional)
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  1. We use to select 1 winner on Nov 21, 2017.
  2. Each person can post 5 times at most.
  3. We require at least 20 participants.
  4. Number your entry, for instance: #Post 1

#1 I think this rda looks very interesting, would like to see the airflow system in person!

#2 it would look nice on this one I think:)

#3 this place is my social media lol

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#4 @Cutlass92 idk who else to tag lol

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#5 I wanna win something! I’ve never won any vape gear lol

Post # 1
I love bottom airflow and gold plating connections are always nice.
w/ a blk one this would look sharp
@Mew @Jenny1978 @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit

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I’m not into RDA’s but I will enter once to make sure there are enough participants.

@JMak642 @Norseman @SessionDrummer @fidalgo_vapes @TheTinMan1 @Grubby @Sprkslfly @Skullblade789 @TorturedZen @VapeyMama


@woftam, I know you love RDA’s

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That i do (thanks Jose) and this one looks really nice - I also trust Mr Dejavu.

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@TheTinMan1 @VapeyMama @Grubby @Norseman


I’ll pass on this one but thanks anyway

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Looks great! I want one!

Obviously my Arctic Dolphin Arthur! How fitting…

@Lolly @TheTinMan1 @fidalgo_vapes @anon60225325 @GPC2012 @R113 @Beaufort_Batches


#1 It looks good and also ticks off all the right boxes for me.

#2 I think it would look great on the Smoant Charon

What is that brown plastic stuff they’re making drip tips (and whole rdas?) out of? It reminds me of my grandmother’s 70s era plastic dishes and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


Entry #1

Entry #2


Anybody interested in a contest? Beautiful looking RDA