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Win Giveaway Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA & Vapefly Wormhole RDA


Post #3
I havent used it enuff to make any recommendations but nothing occured as awful.


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#post 3
Oh, where do I start? :rofl: Just kidding, mostly just small details :wink:
Again, this is just a first impression. I didn’t know your online shop before today.

  • where’s the company information? location? I couldn’t find it on the site. Only CCT time zone indication in chat module (Cocos Islands?).
  • the main menu is missing items that need to be looked for at the bottom of the page. The devices section could be organized a bit better too IMO.
  • lots of wasted space on each page > too much scrolling
  • images are really big on listing pages > lots of scrolling. I’d rather have a bit smaller pictures there and bigger on the detail pages.
  • Pricing could be a little bit more in line with Gearbest, Fasttech, Ali express and other market leaders.

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Entry 1

Tell us where are you from?




2 Cool store)


Maybe a problem with your browser, I’m using Firefox all the time and no issue.
Try cleaning your cache/cookies/site preferences/etc (ctrl+shift+del)


Entry #2
Current setup…

Kaees Aladdin rda


Entry 3
Cool producton your website… love this mod. Definitely #1 on my wishlist. Saving up for it currently. Nice selection


Entry 4
What aspect of our store do you think needs improving …
When you make a post for a giveaway. Should have a link to your website somewhere in the giveaway post… only link in the post is to random.org … wish there was a link so could quickly get to your site to browse the selection.


Entry 5
Vape meme


3 Your smiles dont need it for sureヾ(◍°∇°◍)ノ゙


4 Romny))))




Post 1.
GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA


Post 2.
Everzon has a large selection of items but everything is overpriced.


Post 3.
More reasonable pricing.