Win iJoy RDTA Box Mini Gift Pack, Try the most compact yet powerful Kit

Seeing various high power mods, did you really find a one fit for your vaping needs? Are these pro kits too much for you? Well, today we have a new kit from iJoy called RDTA Box mini for you to win. It is not hard to tell it is a smaller version of the community renowned 200w iJoy RDTA Box, but it inherits many features of RDTA Box, multiple decks for its versatility, build-in 2600mAh Li-Po battery for light weight. Meanwhile it could match with most other tanks. Plus iJoy’s always superior TC function, adjustable juice capacity, custom user mode, it is definitely an ‘almighty’ kit for most vapers. Moreover, for this contest, we are not only giving away an iJoy RDTA Box Mini, actually it is a gift pack including cap, t-shirt and tank. Don’t be hesitate any more, come and join!

Reply any question to enter:

  1. Which feature of iJoy RDTA Box mini do you like
    2.Do you hear iJoy brand before? Do you know iJoy has another brand and what is it?
    3.Play Word Chain: Comment one word and the word should be related to e-cigarette/vaping (e-cigarette brand, e-juice brand, flavor, tech, etc.). One word per post and the word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word commented

Heaven Gifts
If you draw a blank then post
Next post will start with Letter ‘Y’

4.If you won from us, which tank do you like to match with this mod, please find at Heaven Gifts and paste link here
5.Let us know which kind of vape gear/usage do you like, Such as RDTA, RDA, RBA, High Power Mods , TC mods, coil building, etc ( anything related to vaping are allowed)

1.We use to select 1 winner on April 13th, 2017
2.You can post 8 times, one entry one post
3.You must number your post; your post won’t count otherwise (for instance: #1 )
4.We need at least 25 participants.



that is a rdta mini

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i thought i knew but i am thinking limitless but they have problems dont they

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Yellow Cake FW

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all of it sorry but i love it all

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@woftam @Alisa @Ken_O_Where @Amy2 @Lolly @TheTinMan1 @anon60225325 @GPC2012 @Pro_Vapes

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@VapeyMama @MysticRose @Pattie @Pugs1970 @DrChud

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It’s size compared to it’s big brother, built in battery and that you can use other tanks/drippers on it.


Cigpet, FiveTaste to name a couple.

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Next Word

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Wotofo Troll

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Everything, can not choose a single category.

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dont forget to number your post or it wont count


Thanks for reminding me.

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i was going to name those but wasnt sure if they meant something like eleaf /joyetech

I just looked on Ijoy’s site (cheating?) lol

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nope not at all SMART imo

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  1. Which feature of iJoy RDTA Box mini do you like
    I like the size, it would be perfect for my wife. She has small hands and likes little mods.

2.Do you hear iJoy brand before? Do you know iJoy has another brand and what is it?
Yes I’ve heard of you before and yes I know you have a couple of brands besides I joy like cigpet, exo, and limitless