Win KAEES Aladdin BF RDA, A Perfect Match for Your Squonk Mods--(Ended)

Starting from the last a few months of 2017, there has been an obvious trend of squokers getting really hot in the market. Many advanced vapers also predict 2018 is gonna be a big year for squonking setups. So at the beginning of this year, we bring you a nice atty to match with your squonk mods, namely KAEES Aladdin. It’s 24mm in diameter and features a 24k gold-plated build deck that has high compatibility with both ordinary heating Fused coil and Clapton Fused coil. The adjustable top and side airflow plus bottom airflow will provide very smooth and massive vapor. The positive pin is protruded enough for matching with hybrid mech mods safely and the included bottom feeder pin enables you to use it with your squonker for an enjoyable vaping experience. 3 classic colors for your choice. Now you have a chance to try it for free, just enter this contest to win.

To enter:

  1. How do you think about this KAEES Aladdin BF RDA?
  2. Which squonk mod do you wanna pair it with?
  3. What’s the vape trend do you think in 2018?
  4. Invite 3 of your friend to join in.


  1. We will pick 1 lucky winner via on Jan 23, 2018.
  2. Each person can post 5 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
  3. We require at least 20 participants.
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Post #1
It has lots of airflow options

post #2

Post #3
I dont know what could possibly be introduced that hasnt already

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  1. I love the triple Airflow, Top, bottom & side. It’s absolutely mind boggling
  1. I cannot Sqounk, I don’t have a ManBun or a Romper.
  1. The mass appeal of DIYing your own Eliquids will continue to grow. Directly due to Our Governments far reaching regulations. And the Taxation of Vaping products as Tobacco products.
  1. @QaxXxuZ
  1. @qwestor @quint

Post #1

Which squonk mod do you wanna pair it with?
The only squonk mod I have… the Athena box mod. Single 18650 unregulated squonk. Would look good on top.

Post #2

What’s the vape trend do you think in 2018?
More squonking. Dual and probably triple 18650 squonk. AIO are always improving, coming out with different ideas. And bigger better batteries… 21700s, 20700s, heard about tesla releasing some of there individual batteries or something… idk. Maybe just a rumor.

Post 3

Invite 3 of your friend to join in.
Giveaway time!


Post #4

KAEES Aladdin has interesting looking airflow. Lots of options. I don’t like the aladdin theme or the tiger looking face thing on the side of the rda. Don’t want a tiger on my vape gear. Cool looking rda besides that, just don’t like the theme.

Post 5

Super easy to build on. Just like the nudge rda , slip both leads in on each side. Airflow similar to alex vapers md rda he releasing… side and bottom airflow. But this adds top as well. Nice squonk action. Tunnels guide juice to both sides of the juice well for good saturation. I like.

Post #1

I like the super easy single coil installation.

Post #2

I don’t yet have a squonker, but the RDA definitely looks designed for that if needed.

Post #3

I think DIY flavors will be big on account of limited availability of new juices with laws kicking into place.

Post #4

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