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Win OBS Engine 2 RTA, Perfect Prize for Flavor Chasers--6/10


REV Nitro 200W TC Box MOD


The quality, juice capacity.


@cosacee @JackSun @Dan_the_Man


#1 This is a fine looking RTA! I have heard nothing except great things about the first one (but don’t own one) and would really like to win one of these second iterations!

  1. Don’t know. Haven’t vaped it yet.
  1. Don’t know. Haven’t seen it yet.
  1. I like them to taste good and make vapor.
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@woftam @Cutlass92 @Gruby @SessionDrummer

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Post 1

mod do you wanna pair it with?
Would look good on any dual 18650 mod. Especially that black on black. I have the voopoo too or the wismec predator. Those are the 2 I would top this on.


Post 2
Tagging random peeps


Entry 3
features do you care most when purchasing a new RTA?

Looks / design
Build deck
Extras (driptips/coils…)


1 Cool rta


Looks fabulous! I never tried the original but love the way this looks


2 Voopoo drag


Post #1
dual post design, large capacity, no leaks w/ top airflow, ive heard flavor is good


Post #2
Id pair w/ my Wallcrawler when i use a tank for on the go


Post #3
I care most about flavor


Post #4
@Hobag @Laura5 @AlanS @CosmicTruth @cosacee @robin @Mew @JackSun @Sprkslfly @SessionDrummer


I like the capacity of the tank and the dual posts.


Entry 4

Black one looks so sweet. Really good looking tank. I like the driptips that come with it. Love top airflow rtas , really reduces the chance of leaking . Great fill method , beside the little drop that will form when you slide the cap down, around the edge. Will look good on top of a bunch of different mods. All around great rta.