Win Vapefly Core RTA, Circuit pattern design, Q airflow system--8/20

Want to add another atomizer to your collection? The Vapefly Core RTA is a master piece RTA crafted by German 103 Team and Vapefly. This rebuildable tank supports both single coil and dual coil built. Don’t forget the Q airflow system with large air slots with will bring you optimal flavor and massive clouds.

To enter:

Tell us in the comment the atomizer you’re using at the moment and why you like it to be automatically entered to win.


I am currently using the Easy One EDA since it is easy to use and doesn’t require coil building. It makes coil replacing much easier.

1.We will pick 1 lucky winner via on August 20, 2018.
2.Each person can post 3 times at most.
3.We require at least 20 participants.


Winner also gets the Vapefly Girebolt Organic Cotton, 100% organic Japanese Cotton *1.

Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton is well made wick material for coil building. It has been arranged well in advance to make the building process easier. It is super absorbent and delivers superior flavor and a smooth throat hit. Enjoy a better building experience with Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton now!


#1. I am using the SMOANT BATTLESTAR RDA because it is easy to build in and the flavor is great!


#2. I am also using the 528 Custom Vapes Goon. Build quality and flavor.


I’m currently, as of this minute, using the Smok Big Baby Beast w/ mesh coils. But rotation dictates change-up.


I’m using the Ammit single coil because the flavour is great.

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Today I’m using Augvape Merlin mini rta with the RDA cap… Not my favorite, just changing it up for today.

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  1. I use the Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA because it has a Velocity style deck that is easy to build on.
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  1. I use the Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA because it produces superior Flavor production compared to other products on the market.
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  1. I use Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTAs because I am a Winner in life.

Today I am applying electronically induced current via 2 charged lithium ion cells to my worn and battered but ever faithful Coil Art Azeroth RDTA


#1 I am currently using the Steam Crave RDTA Aromamizer V1., because my flavors taste amazing and the deck is pretty easy to build on.


#1 I use a Wotofo Bravo RTA because:

  • It has excellent flavour
  • It has a GTA style deck that is extremely easy and very forgiving to wick
  • It has a large capacity with the bubble glass.
  • There is no cons to it
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#2 I use a Reload RTA clone because:

  • It has superb flavour
  • Large capacity with bubble glass
  • Pros outweigh cons
  • The original is too expensive for me
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I use the Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA v2 because I enjoy the flavour and the air flow is not as restricted as some other tanks.

@Josephine_van_Rijn thanks for the tag sweetie


#3 I use a Reload X RDA clone because:

  • It is the only bottom airflow RDA that I know of, that doesn’t leak even if you overdrip or oversquonk
  • It has excellent flavour
  • The original is a little too expensive for me

#1 My daily workhorse tanks are a twin pair of Digiflavor Fuji GTA– Single Coil version
Super easy deck build
Great tank capacity
Good flavor
Plus I got them really cheap.


1 Vaporesso gemini - legendary atomizer)

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2 Vaporesso guardian - small and cool

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3 Geekvape tsunami - mmmmm tasty)))

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  1. Kylin Mini Rta, I like it because it’s single coil and amazing flavor.

Thank you josephine for the tag :wink:

I’d like to tag some more people, to make it a bit more interesting lol.

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