Win VapeOnly Arucs 2 & Aura AIO, Enjoy the Simple Vaping Fun--5/24

Tired of advanced setup? How about getting back to the original vaping with a nice-looking and easy-operation kit? Well, today we bring you guys such kind of kit - VapeOnly Arcus 2 and Aura AIO as prizes. Arcus 2 is an exquisite and portable pen-style kit with compact size and special hourglass-shaped Chamber. Powered by 750mAh built-in battery, it supports the full power output of 17W. It’s equipped with 1.5 ohm MTL coil & 1.0ohm DL coil, bringing you outstanding vaping experience with awesome flavor and optimal cloud. Powered by 2000mAh inbuilt battery and 2ml e-juice tank, the Aura is a also pen-style starter kit. It features innovative child lock ejuice injection block for anti-leakage. Besides, the convenient top filling and hidden top airflow adjustment make it easy and stable to use. This time we have prepared 1 kit of Arcus 2 and 1 kit of Aura AIO to give away. Hurry up and good luck!

To enter:

1.Which one do you like better? Why?

2.Play Word Chain: comment one word and the word should be related to vaping. One word per post and the word has to begin with the last letter of the previous word commented.

VapeOnly Aura AIO

If you draw a blank then post

‘VapeOnly Aura AIO’
Next post will start with Letter ‘O’

3.Tag 3 of your friends here to enter.

1.We will pick 2 lucky winners via on May 24, 2018. The first winner we choose will get Arcus 2, the second one will get Aura AIO.
2.Each person can post 8 times at most; number your entry, for instance: #Post 1
3.We require at least 30 participants.


#post 1 I like the aio because it comes as a akit for good value

Post #2 VAPING

Post #3 @t-antar @Kot2 @Mono

  1. Arcus 2, I like the look of the tank area.

1 Aura AIO - cool design

2 ----jh— Goon

3 @Josephine_van_Rijn @cosacee @Daven

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Aura AIO - 2000mAh better then 750

2 - Nickel

4 VapeOnly Aura AIO

#post 4 leg length

#post 5 heat

#post 6 time

#post 7 eliquid

#post 8 diketones

edit: no chance there is going to be 30 participants for this draw :frowning: @Heaven_Gifts
shame it feels like a waste will there be any other chances to win this great gift please? x

Aura, looks a little more classy

VapeOnly Aura AIO


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the AIO. I like the “no leak” idea.

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