Win Vaptio Wall Crawler kit 7-80W, 0.005 second to fire it up, 2/5

Wall Crawler is one of the newest kit from Vaptio, it fires up to the max throttle in just only 0.005 second, and goes as low as 0.05 ohm resistance under bypass mode

1.What feature you like for Wall Crawler ,
2.Whats your comments or thoughts,
3.Share it on any of your social media pages,
4. Tag 3 of your friends to enter.

3 times to enter per day, pls wait for someone else to post before your next entry, and number entry #1, #2, #3
1 winner will be choose randomly via on Feb 5th.


#1 1/29
Rapid reaponse time on fire button

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I like the colorful display

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You guys sent me one of these, which I will definitely be posting a review on soon, so I don’t want to enter this giveaway, I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s a pretty nice piece of kit. :smiley:


#2 1/28
Looks nice. Love the colors.

1/29 #1

Color screen

#3 1/29
@Lolly @VapeyMama @Sprkslfly


1/29 #2
I lke the form factor

1/29 #1 1.What feature you like for Wall Crawler1…
Like the form factor and plenty of specs it has.

1/29 #3

1/29 post #1
I like the fact if i am understanding correctly that it will fire down to .05 even when not in TC mode. My thought on this is that since i dont use tc and sometimes will throw an atty on a reg device that i normally use on a mech which may dance around .1. If this aint rewarding enuff

i dont know what is!
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#1 1/30
The screen is pretty sexy

1/30 #1
Upgradeable firmware

#2 1/30

1/30 #2
Smart Battery Screening System

1/30 #1 Like that it is Fast firing.

#2 just lots of love for all of you in this post <3 <3 <3

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1/30 #3
Most of all I like Black&SS color.