Wine inspired juice

Been trying for a while to achieve a nice wine flavoured e juice!
Think I have finally cracked a good red wine flavour?
Well I enjoy it and after a lot of tweaking down through the months I have finally got a juice that is very similar to one of my favourite tipples!
It’s based on a Cabernet Sauvignon which is the grape variety that has made the Bordeaux region in France famous.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one and if you have any nice wine inspired juices that you would like to share?


Dude! DUDE! nice I was just about to make my flavor order. Quick! Anybody try Nicotine River’s own “River” brand Ocean Myst?

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No worries!
The Inaweras grapes is a great versatile concentrate.
It is firmly my favourite grape, hands down,

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…I am soo making this …thanks again @Chewy for not posting this immediately after my ordering


That’s what usually happens to me!
I place an order then someone posts a recipe that I fancy with a flavour I do not have! LOL
Hopefully you will like this and it meets your expectations?
I really like the oak with the grape as it really adds a depth of flavour.