Wire cutters

ok, ELR, i need advice:
the wire cutters i have dont always wanna cut the really tiny wire, like 30 gauge and up…whats a good pair of wire cutters for tiny wire? thats not hard on the wallet…
as always, please and 10-Q!!

These are OK - but lately I’ve been using these flush cutters :smile:


The second link @daath provided are the cutters that I use.

Great little cutters that provide a really good flush cut.

I can easily snip 38g Nichrome with these no problem as well as 24g Kanthal and 25g Stainless steel.



cool…thanks, guys, order has been made…

I “went to war” with the cutters I could get my hands on 2 1/2 years ago…simple finger nail clippers; still using the same set today. ; )