Wire type for Crown

What wire type should I be looking at picking up for the RBA part of the Crown (ny Uwell) if I am not using TC ni80 or 200 and what gauge 26 or 28? looking at .5 ohm builds.

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If dual coil I believe 28 gauge and 6 ish wraps. Please verify with @Pro_Vapes. He’s the resident pro around here…

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Thx @ringling I believe I figured it out, 200 wire I don’t believe would work correctly being mostly pure nickle. the 80 wire would work as it does have resistance the 200 wire lacks.

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You can always use steam engine to calculate your coils.


NiCr80 28g 2.5mm ID single coil 3wraps, dual coil 7wraps per coil

NiCr80 26g 2.5mm ID single coil 5wraps, dual coil 11wraps per coil.

NiCr80 24g 2.5mm ID single coil 8wraps, dual coil 17wraps per coil.


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From what I understand you really can’t use Ni200 in anything that isn’t temp control. Which kinda stinks cuz I have three rolls of the stuff that are just sitting around until I decide if/when I’m gonna get a TC mod that actually works. I don’t know what other people like, but for plain old coils, I really like the 26g 316L SS.

EDIT: Note to self, read the entire thread before posting. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I must have totally misunderstood you. I thought you were said you were not wanting to use nickle, sorry…

I’m pretty sure you’ll need the ni200 but when@Pro_ Vapes gets on he’ll confirm… if your using temp control…

I hadn’t thought about ss as the coil. Have you used Ni80 or just went right to SS?
Re-reading my post makes it look kinda confusing…
I just ordered the Crown and the re-buildable deck (it’s down to 11.99 instead of the 19 bucks of last week).
I use an iStick 50 so I will not be using TC. I was confused if I should get the 200 or the 80 nickle wire but figured out that the 200 is used with TC while the 80 is not. I also was unsure if I should get 26 or 28 gauge wire for which ever I had chosen. I just built my first coil for the Lemo 2, using the wire that came with that device… but I don’t know what type of wire it is, the coil hit right at .6ohm as the original coil that came with the device. As I like a single coil setup and have both 28 and 30 gauge kanthal, but liked the thicker wire, I was wondering which gauge/type others thought may come out nice.

I haven’t used the NiCR 80, but have heard pretty good things. I think the wire I’ve used most often of everything I have is the SS. I also like the 24 and 26g Kanthal. I’m not a crazy builder or anything…most of what I have is pretty standard. I just use the coil wrapping calculator on Steam Engine to figure out about what I need to do to get where I’m wanting to go.

Nods… thx for the response.
I’m having a hard time locating SS wire, I’ll most likely go with ni80 and probably hit up one of the local shops with the wire I got with the Lemo2 to see what gauge it is.

I got this from Amazon on the advice of @Ken_O_Where. You could probably find it locally at a craft store.


The original crown tank came with .25 and .50 SS stock coils and I was sold on day 1. I mainly use Ti and that will always be my 1st response. My second would be the SS 26g at 5 wraps on 3mm ID should get you around .5 ohm. After these you can use whatever you like. I find these two wires to the best for flavor and vapor.


thx @Pro_Vapes

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