Wire types, Ys & Ynots


I’m looking into my next wire purchases & builds. I will mostly for the foreseeable future only be parallels, twists, helix & Clapton mixes. Staggertons & that type look out of reach right now.

With that in mind I’m trying to find info on wire type and why you might choose 1 over another for a particular job. I’d like to do as much as I can in SS as I like the properties. I’m particularly after info in relation to building with the wire. Rather than the benefits of vaping with that type. Would using SS for particular builds be preventative , etc

Like I don’t understand why they choose certain wires when they do. In what I could find so far I’m looking at Ka1, ni80 & SS but why and in what part of the build do I choose one over another.

Does anyone know of any good resource, video, etc, whatever.

Once again thanks in advance.

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I found this quite helpful


I click this link and came across a photo that looked very familiar. It’s a photo of some coils I built a while ago…

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They stole your pic! :hushed:

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I think it’s quite funny. LMAO!

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Wow what are the chances - I hate it when people dont have the courtesy to ask first. People need to learn just because it is on the net doesnt mean you can use it freely.

Image stealing aside it is not a bad bit of info (probably ripped it from another site lol).

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TBH I don’t have a problem with it. He didn’t make any claims that he made them. It looks like he’s just using them as examples. I’m actually flattered.


Hi Guys,

Thanks @woftam yes I found that article. I suppose I’m after somethig with a bit more detail if it exists. That one whilst giving me a basic overview of what each wire is cpabale of in a basic sense. I mean from that why don’t we just use all nichrome80 if it ramps up better or stainless steel. I see a lot of builds and those even in the photos from @Pro_Vapes (BTW he should have asked at least even if you do not mind IMO) he used mixtures of Kanthal and SS316L or ther like. A Ka1 core with N80 wraps. Could the answer be as simple as what they have lying around. Is there a reason that you use n80 for certain partsd within a build and is there things you would not build with SS or other types of wires. Don;t know if that specific kind of stuff is out there.

Most likely within the builders noggins.

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Any wire capable of being used for vaping will be used even if its experimental, the properties of each type of wire could be as follows:

Taste - Does it have a taste when vaped?
Ramp up - does it ramp up quick?
Impedance - Are there benefits of impedance when building certain style coils?
Longevity - Does a certain wire last longer, stay cleaner than any other?
Ease of building coils - Is it hard / easy to wrap?

I guess it’s personal preference at the end of the day, if it does what you want it to do then it’s good.


I notice a lot with the intermediate Clapton type builds the cores are Kanthal and the wraps is ni80. Why would they want to use the 2 different types of wire in these cases?

After trying all sorts of wire, I now use only N80. I prefer the flavor over SS and Kanthal and I like the quick ramp up time and that it’s softer and easier to work with, especially over Kanthal. For the most part I make fused claptons 3X26 gauge cores with 36 gauge clapton wraps. 5 wraps @3mm are usually 0.1 or 0.11 ohm for dual coils, which is perfect for me.
For a simple build I like 22 gauge wrapped with 36 gauge, 4 wraps @3mm which is also around the 0.1 ohm mark.
N80 and SS are softer than Kanthal and therefore easier to work with, especially at lower gauges (20, 22 etc.).
But like almost everything else vape related, it’s very much personal preference.