Wish there were cheaper flavor options

Tut, I get a bigger man crush on you every day. And all should know I’m probably one of the Xcube haters.

@DanHank. I roast coffee. There is a sort of underground organization called GCBC and folks will buy a 100 lb bag or few of a high end coffee and then put it up for sale in smaller increments. Maybe you could found a similar organization with flavors? Just a thought.

and thank you and everyone else that serves the greater good here. I personally see that as everyone. It takes us all to make a species, and the founder of this forum and many others aren’t Americans, fwiw.


If you would ever come hang out in chat you would see I’m I’m not that bad of a monster your trying to make me sound like. I am actually a pretty decent guy. I was mentioning you in chat, that we should do something nice for you since you passed out so much rayon. Don’t belive me ask jojo or kenowhere or bradslinux or mike. Trolling the forums and posting is not all I do. And yes I want that shit flew to my house attach a parachute so they all can land safely in my in ground pool…

To everyone else. I think prices should be cheaper. I understand overhead cost employees ect. And idk whose talking about bases to make flavors takes thousands, I’m sure it does… I’m just talking about these retail places. They get wholesale account and can buy cheaper. And I just used a single flavor as an example. I’m not getting into an argument of how business work or any of that. If you guys think it’s cool they buy a gallon of an TPA flavor ex… for 100 dollars. If they 10 ml that shit out they will make 600 dollars. And to me that one hell of a markup. THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING HERE.

If you guys think I was bringing down nic river I’m not, sorry whiterose I didn’t know you worked for them, like I said earlier I buy from nic river, I buy from bull city, and I feel that markup too…

If you guys agree with the markup and price fine… but there is no reason to degrade me as a person nor make me sound like I bring nothing but negativity here to the forums and you feel a need to star clear of me, obviously you don’t know me. I post recipes and I do help when can and when I’m able, but when you start trying to make me sound like I’m a horrible piece of trash I Do TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT.
Come to chat I’m there everyday…

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When I get off work today and can get back on my computer I’ll post my favorite Forest Gump line… (unless someone does it first)… lol

You should work on more recipes, if I only had one posted I don’t think I would be trolling forums messing with people

You guys should take this BS elsewhere. I understand not everybody is going to agree, or get along, but this is not the thread to be going on and on with it. Either get over it, or move along elsewhere, not all of us come here to watch an episode of Maury.

Thx Mike I agree

I complain about high prices and I get attacked, I’m surprised it was allowed to go on this long

I think all that can be said here has been.