Wish there were cheaper flavor options

I wish there was a flavor supplier that was extremely cheaper than all the rest. One that didn’t want to get rich off of diy people. I know the markup on flavors is outrageously high. A place where you could keep 4 oz bottles on hand constantly. If you could buy 4oz bottles of flavors around 2 to 4 bucks would be very reasonable. I think if a place did that and every diy mixer bought from them, they would still make a great profit, and we could afford to keep more flavors on hand. It’s just a thought…

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It would be nice if flavorings were less expensive, of course.
But, I don’t think you may understand what the COSTS are when it comes
to manufacturing good flavorings. $2 - $4 for 4 oz ?? You can’t manufacture
and wholesale good flavorings that cheaply.

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I know exactly. They can buy drums of flavors, but for arguments sake let’s say they buy 1 gallon of tpa ripe strawberry straight from tpa is 119 dollars for a gallon. That’s 128 oz @13 dollars for 4 oz the profit is 300 dollars just off of a gallon jug. Who knows the profit if you buy a 4 or 8 gallon case, or buying a 55 gallon drum of flavor. The markup is a lot…

This is not the wholesale price but a 55 gallon drum from TPA IS 5K dollars, selling at 13 dollars for 4 oz they make 24k dollars off of the 5K dollar drum.

Good afternoon!

I agree with you my friend there is a lot of money in it but when you include employees, insurance, warehouse, bottles, and labels it dwindles it a lot. I do understand where you are coming from and we are working hard to streamline everything to get our prices down further.

Thank you!!


I’m just say if prices were low enough to bring in every diy person it would offset those cost. If you pushed just a drum of the just the top 20 flavors in week, with all diy people on board, 20 flavors a week is 400k dollars or go through 60 drums “flavors” a month is 1 million dollars.

i’m glad that Grant chimed in…because i was just going to say how very unrealistic your thoughts are…i mean, hell, why not just drive the flavors to Dans house and hand deliver that shit for free? to handle the bulk you are speaking of, takes man power. who da fuqs gonna lift them drums? bottles cost money…and those drums, for the hundreds of flavors he keeps? thats a big ass warehouse! Dan, Grant has driven the prices waaaaay down! i am NOT swinging from Grants nuts, by no means, but damn, dude, have you seen his prices??? un.touch.able. period.
i understand you have dreams and wishes, but if you gonna wish, wish BIG…like having them flavors air lifted straight from Italy straight to your mansion in Peru, built on a mountain of pure cocaine! til then, order from NicRiv and be grateful that we dont still hafta buy from “insert higher priced company here”!


how about you push a drum a week? bang that million!

Hahahahahahah mansion in Peru


Dan, I was told that the gallon of base it takes to even begin to synthesize a new flavor is $1k…then you need the equipment and people to synthesize and test the flavors…there is a lot of NRE=non-recurring engineering.

Grant and Nic River is da hookup. If they make a small error, they make it right with a quickness. No errors being the goal…errors are still inevitable.

Once grant gets INW, …oh man. Heaven.

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You forgot to mention one other thing… your just talking about 1 flavor.
If everyone was just using 1 flavor that could be done, but @Nicotine_River has a hundred or so flavors from different manufacturers, the initial outlay of funds to have a large quantity on hand in hopes that people will purchase some of the not so used inventory would not make the profit margin very good until that inventory is also sold off.
Currently I have a bakers dozen different flavors I’m wanting to purchase my problem is trying to locate a single source (isn’t that one of the most frustrating things?) so as not to pay multiple shipping charges and unfortunately 3 of the flavors are MF, another is Butterscotch Ripple (FW) which BullCity does have, but do I purchase most my flavors from one location (NicRiver) and get a better quantity per dollar and then the few they don’t have from the other and have to pay shipping from 2 different companies? I finally just decided not to purchase anything until I see a “sale” going on again to makeup for the shipping costs. I hate ordering just a couple items and instead try and wait so the shipping costs involved will make the purchase spread out over a larger volume especially for items I’m not sure I will use very much of i.e. I would rather pay 5 dollars for a 30ml flavor that turns out I don’t like than 3.50 for 15ml for a flavor that turns out I do like… because I am an optimist that I will like that 30ml flavor.


I’ll just take down my comments since I’m not in titled to an opinion, I’ll make sure I’ll ask you @Whiterose0818 if Im in the clear to make a post. It wasn’t directed at nic river because I do buy from them. I’m not wanting it hand delivered to my home just would like to see better prices because it’s hard for me to purchase alot. I’m on disability because I was hurt fighting for your freedom. So I believe I’m entitled to my opinion I fought for it, did you??

I buy from nic river, it’s directed to all flavor companies. Even cutting the price half would expand a companies growth. 8 bucks for 4oz, is very reasonable and profit is still there. Not directed to any specific company, just in general

i guess this shit has been moved…but here i am:

ya see, Dan, in all your grace, you forgot one thing, the one single thing you are currently using towards me…i am also entitled to this opinion, this freedom, this right to speak, just as you are…and you, in turn, are also entitled to the level of butt hurt that you are obviously displaying. i hope you didnt forget that the freedom you fought for goes for both you and me. and yes, you have told me, more than once, and no, i did not…ya see, the first encounter we had, you told me you were a disabled vet and i offered to help you…and i did help a little…and then i saw your conduct on the forums, the amount of negativity you harbor and spread through the threads, at least thats the way you were when i paid attention, so i just decided to steer clear of you, i feel i cant help you…
so you can do what you want, when you want, how you want, but recognize that i, too, can do what i want.
as far as i know, we were all doing just fine until you started erasing posts and getting defensive and suddenly put your field greens back on. relax, brother, its all good.


I guess that’s the passive/aggressive way to say that others aren’t allowed to expound upon our opinions once you say what you wish to say? I just need to get the rules correct prior to responding is all, and thank you for your service, after I had been in the military for 20 years myself, I believe we all have an opinion, because trust me… I fought for you to have yours also.


Your opinion, that prices could be cut 50% across the board and that companies would still remain profitable, seems to be based on pretty questionable reasoning. Overhead is a real thing, you can’t just ignore it. Even with just a few employees labor cost is going to be a major factor too.

That you posted this opinion in a thread for a company that has some of the best prices available on the net is a bit of a puzzler, to put it kindly.


Keep them coming


And shipping to the vendors, and electricity, and clean rooms, and taxes, and workers insurance, and building insurance, and insurance from finance companies on start up loans. There are a lot of hidden costs that all have to be calculated. And each employee in minimum $9 an hour, usually more. X how many employees at how many hour to fulfill orders. It’s endless. I haven’t run a flavoring shop, but I have run restaurants and there are many hidden costs that most people don’t think about.

I’m not saying there aren’t some vendors that do practice price gouging, but the honest ones have to operate at some profit to even stay in business.

what are you talking about? considering the amount of eliquid you can make with even a 10ml bottle of flavoring, it’s cheap as shit.

lol… let me apoligise, don’t feel that I am picking on you (at least I’m not, and I don’t think others are as well) it just pains me to see someone think that the conversation is personal. I’ll defend your right to speak as I would anyone else’s right to there opinion, I may not agree with it and I may say I don’t agree with it, but your more than welcome to make your opinion known. I am not a modulator nor do I have any ability to control posts or edit comments besides my own. But if I tossed out a line on an open forum I should be prepared for opposing points of view. I like the Cube II mod and although I don’t use the cute light on the firing bar I think it pretty neat. There was a thread a while back where others that disliked the product was putting it down, now personally I felt pretty bad (I didn’t say I felt bad they were putting down a device I liked) but hey… they didn’t like the device they had/have their opinion even if it rubbed against mine. I didn’t get my panties in a wad over it… your going to come across people that might think Unicorn Vomit is the best flavor around (I have some but haven’t tried it yet (I think it’s the name that keeps stopping me). But if others say that, that flavor is a waste of hard earned cash or makes them sick, so be it. I just purchased Pyure as a sweetener, in reading reviews online for the product one person stated that it gave them the runs. No boycot went out nor do I believe the person whom didn’t like the comments glared at their computer or thought others were being hateful to them or thought they were being picked upon. I don’t think we actually landed on the moon, you have no idea what kind of things I have pointed at me because of that, hey just what I believe… my opinion. Don’t feel like it’s a personal attack when people point out flaws in an idea.
Sure it would be nice if things were cheaper, but I think that people are also providing a service. Look at getting your oil changed, is it really cost effective for what your getting?