Wismec Pressa TC75w

The Wismec Pressa TC75w is a small compact temperature control device for those who like it small. As it’s big brother, the Rx200, it now uses a Joytech chip. Unlike the Rx200 the screen display is large and resembles the display of the Evic Tc Mini. With upgrade to Version 3.0 firmware the Pressa has all the functionality that the Rx200 has plus the upgraded display. Requires one 18650 battery. Maximum 75 watts, magnetic cover, TC mode supports Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel wire, spring loaded 510 connector, Fire Button lock, plus upgradeable firmware.

All and all I am as impressed with the Pressa TC75w as I am the Rx200. Well constructed metal mod with a unique fire button plus fire button lock. For those looking for a small TC mod I highly recommend the Wismec Pressa TC75w


I was actually thinking about getting one of these. I like the fact that the fire switch is the entire side of the mod. I’ve enjoyed the purlicue fire switch on the UD Balrog, however, that mod does not support SS TC; UD should have looked down the road a bit further on that feature. :pensive: Further more, for now, I don’t believe the UD Balrog is capable of being updated to perform SS TC.

So, the Pressa is looking better and better! :grinning:


I personally don’t see a down side to the pressa. If you’re wanting a small mod there’s nothing that I know of that compares. It’s the absolute smallest mod I have ever seen. Those who like the Evic TC Mini are gonna love this one. We all know this chip which makes it even better…