Wismec Theorem Gurgle

I’m getting a gurgle on my Theorem. No spitting or popping just a gurgle about 3 seconds into a vape. If I’m chain vaping it happens about a second to a second and a half into the vape. Anyone else experiencing this?

-Single coil fused clapton 24x2 NiChrome 80 with 34 kanthal wrap. 5 wraps 2.5mm
-0.19 ohms
-Rayon wick. Bottoms are very thin. About 10-15% just above the tank bottom. Going into the bottom the tails are thin enough that ther is room on both side of the openings
-Switched out the drip tip with a tip from a TF-RTA

Flavor is great. Just an odd gurgle. Like a water bong hit…I think…I really wouldn’t know anything about that but did hear the same noise on an ABC After School Special about the dangers of pot. It gurgles like that.


A gurgle usually means excess liquid in the chimney / AFC or drip tip / drip tip chamber

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