Wizard Labs Customer Service

Anyone here have opinions on WL customer service? Part of my last order was a 250ml bottle of VG, but I got a 120ml instead. Invoice does say 250ml. I contacted them on Thursday but haven’t heard back. I really need an answer quick because I have almost no juice left. It’s unopened in case they want me to send it back, but damn I really need to open it lol … A credit would suffice, but I have a feeling soon as I open it they’re gonna ask me to send it back.

Did you call and talk literally to someone? If not do it Monday. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to give you a answer on the spot in my opinion. If they won’t I recommend a new vendor. Honestly, I do not recommend their nic, that’s for sure…

Nope I didn’t call, but made a submission on their contact form in addition to submitting a return request. Guess I’ll have no choice but to call if I don’t hear from them early Monday.

Yeah It’ not the biggest deal for them, so idk why I haven’t heard back. I really hope they don’t want me to send it back because that will just add about a week before I can make more juice.

As they say shit happens. It could be as simple as someone out sick for a couple of days. When shorthanded, you can’t answer the phone and email at the same time. Imagine if they threw bubblegum into the mix. You sure would be screwed then…lol

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If you’re in a bind, go to the drug store (or Kmart) and get a small bottle of VG. It’s USP and the cost is a couple of bucks. Rite-Aid has it in the first aid aisle, Kmart has it in the skin care aisle. I particularly like the kmart one because it comes in a 60ml glass bottle which I reuse for the finished mix. Walgreens doesn’t carry it, at least not in my area (punks). I would assume Walmart has it, but I hate them so I don’t know.
I never dealt with WL CS and I don’t buy from them anymore (hate that they don’t provide dropper bottles for their flavors), so I can’t tell you if they are good or bad.

He is REALLY bad at returning any messages. His lab is about an hour from my house and he is extremely hard to reach any other way outside of a phone call-
He is closed fri-sun and only there until 4/5pm weekdays but you should call him early on Monday

Plus he said he gets 1000s of submissions through his site alone and can’t keep up…it’s no excuse being a business and offering that in the first place but there isn’t a “team” of people over there running/answering the site comments unfortunately

Yeah I have bought some in a bind and it’s actually not bad!

Great…well like i said before, hopefully i just get a credit for the difference. That would be easiest for both of us.

Either that or maybe they will send you another bottle which would be the almost the same? Hopefully not a store credit though, I personally hate that because you don’t really get your $ back cause you’re forced to still buy something with them…
I would definitely give them a call in the am though bro

Well whatever doesn’t involve me sending back the 120ml bottle is fine. That’s just gonna take too much time. Plus I’m a lazy bastard, so the thought of going to the post office would be a pain in the ass.

I can’t imagine they would have you send it back…I think the easiest option on both ends would be to send out another 120 and then you would have a 10ml difference, which you could then eat (not literally of course) or maybe get free shipping or something on your next order or somethin

Now this is just total speculation on my part, but, I think he started the whole flavoring/nicotine thing to either supplement or bring in extra cash since he is an actual proper lab and he won’t be bothered with the whole vape world. The reason I say this is after being there and seeing everything he does it would seem like answering all of us and inquiries about vaping is more of an annoyance than a priority. He seems a bit more focused on assisting independent labs and larger researchers than someone asking something like why dont you carry FA…
Of course I can be totally wrong here but the one thing I DO know is… his replies to emails or web inquiries is SHIT!

lol, spoken like a poet

If I haven’t hit my daily limit of “likes” or I would like that :wink:
I hope you get right with all this in the mean time you should check out these guys for VG


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So WL called me today. They are sending the 250ml bottle today and letting me keep the 120ml… So I’m pretty happy with that.


I’ve received bottles labeled incorrectly. It was a 250ml bottle with 120ml label. That’s happened 3 times. I bought and was invoiced for 250 mls but the label read 120mls.