Wizard Labs' New err Old Bottles!

I just got an order in yesterday from Wizard Labs. Most of the flavors came in glass bottles. Really super nice glass bottles I must say. The caps have a conical rubber seal that keeps the juice from ending up in the cap when you shake it. I freakin love these bottles! Kudos to Wizard Labs for making a very big change for the better! Check em out…


Are they on the 8ml also? those little foam/paper/whatever discs can be a pain, if they are loose, and constantly falling out.

And I’ve had some very strong “one drop” flavors, like nude nicotine’s Citrus Slap, actually unscrew the cap with the paper seals.


No, they aren’t on them. Just the Boston Rounds.

they are called polycone lined phenolic caps…(description: PolyCone Lined Phenolic Caps form an exceptionally tight seal and offer a good chemical barrier. This liner molds itself around the sealing areas of the finish as the cap is screwed on, virtually eliminating leakage, evaporation, contamination, binding and backing off. Great for everything from liquids, to soaps, to macro-invertebrates.)

i buy them exclusively, they are excellent in keeping fluids, especially nicotine, for extended periods of time…the company i buy bottles from have these and often sell the bottles with phenolic caps at no extra charge…\


Ditto ! I love these bottles and buy them too, to mix my batches in. I can mix 15 -20 mixes and not run out of room !


Sorry to say that this is not new at all…

They have always used these bottles and some times they sub the plastics

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Haha, well I sent them an email thanking them for using glass bottles finally. Maybe it is because I placed a $180 order this time.

Edit: I really don’t like the plastic bottles. I have to snip a little hole in the bottom to get all the liquid out of them.

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I end up transferring all of mine to drip bottles anyways but I don’t know why they put some in plastic and some in glass. It is never consistent, so I have no idea what their idea is behind it. I like the glass ones too, a lot better to clean and recycle them…

Although I have about 30 of them that I meticulously cleaned and polished and I have yet to use one of them for anything hehe

I am going to start steeping in them. I always put my large batches in individual bottls. I will just use these from now on.

I agree. Whats even worst? If I not careful, the paper liner will sometimes get misaligned and when the lid is seated the paper liner misalignment will allow the flavor to leak. Once this happens, the seal will always cause lid closing/seal problems. It just gets worst.
I really like the 8 mil offering, so, I can not really complain. I have to be more diligent when placing paper liner and lid on the bottle.

Here’s something disappointing…

So those glass bottles, as nice as they are, are actually smaller than the plastic ones. I’m in the process of transferring my WL flavors into my 30ml drip bottles and each glass bottle fills them perfectly. The plastic bottles on the other hand have about 3-5ml MORE than the glass.

I thought this was the case years ago because I would always have about 1/2 an inch left in my plastic WL bottles but it has been so long since I have had one of these glass bottles that I could not confirm this.

I have 8 glass bottles and 6 plastic ones and the results are all the same…you get a lot more flavoring with the plastic bottles and it appears you are just paying to have them in glass. The difference between the 2 is huge!!!

But, at least you got 30ml of flavoring right? I’m not going to complain about not getting extra. Especially since these bottles are so nice :wink:

Oh yeah I got the 30 ml and I’m not complaining, I just prefer the plastic ones now. Since I already have a lot of glass, I would prefer the extra product!

This is a crappy photo but this is the extra

The bottle on the left is completely empty, whereas the plastic bottle still has a good amount left

That is a lot. But I noticed most of my glass bottles were all the way full. Are yours?

Yep, all of them are filled to the brim and the glass are a perfect 30ml and I’m only guessing here, the plastic are 35ml or more

Off topic, but I have been vaping some of your e-juice you sent me. I will be leaving more comments and ratings. Killer stuff man!

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Thanks a lot brother! Glad you enjoy them, it was hard deciding which to send you haha

I’m in the process of organizing and filling my lab since I have had about 8 deliveries since the last time I mixed. Hopefully I get it done by tonight and start mixing again! Otherwise tomorrow

Check out my hotplate stirrer thread. I wasn’t a believer of accelerated steeping. But dayum this thing rocks. I will be filling up my WL bottles as soon as they are empty!

I should also point out that I am a little handicapped today. Yesterday some ass hole teenager walked behind me and bumped me without saying anything and I lopped my finger almost all the way off and I am trying to do everything one handed haha

Sorry for the gruesome picture but that was the cleanest one I could find

Oh holy fuck man. I wasn’t expecting that! You are a soldier to be able to hold still long enough to snap that pic! I got my left index finger caught in a wood jointer when I was 21. It wasn’t a pretty sight! But it didn’t look that bad.