Wizard Labs Retest Date?

So, I guess I purchased more Nic juice that what I could consume within a reasonable amount of time. I purchased two 500 ML bottles of 60MG nic juice. The first bottle is just about done and I checked the second bottle in the fridge. The retest date on the bottle says 05/17. I wonder if I should flush this full 500 ML bottle? I generally don’t like using stuff beyond the expiration. However it is not and expiration date, just a retest date. What do you think? Probably still good or just get a fresh bottle? Just checked my past orders at Wizard Labs. This bottle was purchased 05/07/16. It has been kept chilled for the year. Probably should have left it in the freezer. Thoughts?

Edited: Just checked at WL

“Wizard Labs Nicotine solutions are shipped in chemically resistant plastic containers for shipping safety, and heat sealed in multiple containment bags to prevent leakage during shipment. For long term storage over 2 months, we recommend transferring your nicotine solution into glass containers with airtight lids, and as little airspace in the top of the container as possible. If stored properly, in a freezer at 0°F, a nicotine solution can remain viable and usable in excess of 2 years.”

Yea, should have done the freezer instead of the fridge, but I thinking it is probably still good. Transferring to freezer now!!!

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There are already multiple threads about this in the forum.

If you buy nic in bulk, transfer it to smaller bottles and put in the freezer what you don’t use. A regular fridge is not a good storage space because you’ll get condensation and contamination from your food products. You can store what you’re going to use in the next 2-3 months at room temp or cooler in a dark container.
When you transfer your nic to smaller bottles, avoid having too much air in the bottles and keep them standing up. PG shouldn’t freeze and expand like water does so your bottle isn’t going to crack in your freezer.

It would be a shame to flush it all out before even testing if you can still use it though… make yourself a bottle of juice and see how it goes. I’d only get rid of it if it has a bad taste or if it starts getting peppery.

I encourage you to do a little search through the forums and read up on nicotine storage.


As long as it is clear and hasn’t turned a dark brown you are fine. Nicotine starts to degrade over time but I’ve read somewhere that it only gets one percent weaker with every passing year.


As long as it’s not dark amber color I’d give it a try to see if it’s harsh or not. If it’s not harsh then I’d use it.

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Get a titration kit, they’re way cheaper than just dumping your nic blindly! If the nic concentration is still what it should be and the nic is still clear and not peppery or harsh tasting (when mixed, obviously don’t taste test your nic straight :wink: ) then its still fine. :+1:


And if you do get rid of large amounts of nicotine, it might be wise to take it somewhere that can dispose of it properly. I don’t know if that’s necessary… (Anyone who might know, feel free to educate me) but my gut feeling is that it would be better than flushing it.


@VapeyMama is absolutely correct! Tritate it (essentially, retest it).
Also, never flush or dump nicotine solutions. Nicotine in concentration is deadly. Your waste water only goes to one of 2 places:

  1. a septic tank, then to the fill lines which are leach points into the ground and then onto the water table.
    2)sewage line, which is treated, but not to the extent that most think, then it’s returned to the waterways (of course, there’s no solids).
    Think of your fellow creatures.

Thanks everyone, good advice!


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