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Hey Y’all

I have finally run out of my 2 Gallons of VG from Essential Depot and I need to Order VG again. I guess I don’t remember (because I haven’t ordered VG from them in …well…2 Gallons)

Is Wizard Labs VG good? I only need a gallon. I like Palm based sweet stuff. I also need to order a bunch of flavors I am out of and if I get the VG from Wizard I get the free shipping (yippee!)

I was really impressed with the samples I got from Walt and I do want to order it from Walt at Real Flavors but I cant find the VG on his site. (Why cant I find VG on Walt’s site?)

Any help from anyone coherent on a Monday morning would be great!


Kinda off topic but how is the shipping free at WL ? I have had their Vg but not in quite a while. I need to buy some too !

I couldn’t find Vg on Walt’s site either :triumph:

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Over 65.00 is free.

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Ah I forgot and now you’ve refreshed my memory thank you @Maureeenie :heart_eyes:

I will say I love https://www.nicotineriver.com/products/vegetable-glycerin?variant=22600717699 they use Musim Mas Vg which is imo the very best palm oil super sweet and clean.

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Oh, I agree they are a great company and they have wonderful prices on everything but I actually got a bad batch of VG from Nicotine River. They know all about that little goof and they fixed it like a boss but I won’t order VG from them again.

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D’oh really ?!! Kinda gross thinking about how Vg could be bad…eekkhh

I do use LB’s Musim Mas Vg as well .

Being you need flavors as well looks like WL will be your best bet unless someone is sitting on a glorious coupon they’d like to share. I’ve been shopping around and the shipping alone sux !

I will buy everything from them but VG.

It wasn’t even Nicotine River’s fault.

See…most of these companies have other companies bottling their VG and PG for them. The company that bottled their VG for them at the time had just finished a petroleum distillate run on the equipment and probably didn’t clean the lines properly. It smelled of a faint odor of motor oil when I opened the bottle. They dealt with it and refunded my money, they may even have changed their bottler company by now but I just can’t … no. I buy a lot of flavors from them though. Can’t beat them on prices.

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After that experience who would blame you…geez.

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I gotta put my 2 cents in. I love Essential Depot products and the fact that they have both palm and soy to choose from. Also, their PG (if you use) is 99.98% (above pharma grade). They sell on Amazon where you can get FS.

I do like Essential Depot VG, it is the best stuff on earth as far as I’m concerned but I’m way down on supplies right now and the choice I had was to go to two different websites and spend 16.00 on shipping or just go to Wizard Labs and get everything I needed and get free shipping. I seemed to remember Wizard Labs VG being ok. (Not as good as Essential Depot)

You can buy some Capella flavors on Amazon but they charge twice as much for 1/2 as much flavoring. I just didn’t have the extra 16.00 to spend on shipping right now. I needed about 80.00 worth of stuff.

Care to share when this happened? I buy VG from them quite frequently. Makes me wanna check out my stash. I keep all my emails of purchases so I have an idea of what was bought when. I really need to start writing dates on everything so I know when it’s time to dispose of some flavors.

May 11, 2016 was the day I made the order for the VG. So… about a year ago. They took care of it and refunded my money but they aren’t the only game in town for VG. What I’m waiting for is Walt’s fire sale on VG. That RF VG is some nice stuff. I’m gonna clean him out if I can get to it fast enough :slight_smile:

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WL VG is good (excellent quality) and free shipping over $65. It’s the best deal out there.

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