Wizard Labs - What's Your Wait Time Lately?

I thought I would ask around, how long have folks been waiting on Wizard Lab shipments? I’m ten days now on an order and probably wont see it for a few more days. Thanks to anyone who wants to share.

I just ordered on the 19th and received my order yesterday the 25th. It was all flavor order tho, I ordered nic 2 weeks ago and it took a little longer so I guess it just depends.

I’ve had three orders in the last two weeks. The one with nic took nine days and two flavor orders went out as normal three days.
Loving the new glass bottles I’m getting from them on my 1oz and 4oz flavors. Still my favorite vendor for nic and flavor.

Dont get me wrong, I like them a lot, they are just very slow lately!

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I use to love some Wizard Labs and they are good(cheaper) for base, but lately I have been using bullcityvapor.com a much larger selection of flavorings, cheaper and for me they are a 2 day delivery as they are less than 100 miles away. That said, many places may be more accommodating to certain needs.