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have you heard of wizard labs? they have great prices and flaves i have not seen. I was gonna order from there. thought i would post here first to see if any one has an opinion

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I have spent hundreds there. Great company, fast shipping. Great prices.


me too … Wizard Labs is where I buy my nicotine.


Yeah they are a great company!! They have the cheapest prices out of all the vendors I use and have seen.

They only thing people do not like about them is their bottling. They put their flavors in 8ml vials, 30ml vials or 4oz vials, all glass, unless you get lucky and they send you the plastic bottles, which I have found have around 4ml more flavoring than the glass vials.

For me, it is a no-brainer. I don’t mind paying less and transferring into a drip bottle and it is still cheaper.

The only thing they need now is FA and FLV and then I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!
I’m also fortunate enough to live an hour away, so I can pick up my orders if I wish.

All in all, it is a great company and they run a proper lab.


Yeah, I don’t plan on ordering any more 8ml sizes. I buy from Wizard mainly to restock. But my last order I needed some new flavors for a few recipes so I ordered them in 8ml. I almost feel ashamed to toss ot those cute little vials. Their 4oz sizes are really priced well. And I personally love the glass bottles. When I have a stockpile of them around I will probably be like Darth and hope for the plastic bottles. But as of right now I only have a few large bottles to store large batches in. When I start ordering gallon glass jugs I plan to have myself committed.


They have a terrible web site the last time I ordered there. The order was large enough that the site kept getting the order wrong. The assistant manager was so apologetic that she doubled a couple (two free bottles)of 4 oz. flavors bottles for free. Talk about going the extra mile for a small customer.
I will continue to business with these folks.

I’ve ordered almost every flavor they offer. ships out of FL. No complaints. Don’t wanna get your bottles/containers there though as they are a bit pricey.

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i have only turned out two recipes that are good enough to vape. Once i start running out of flaves I will start getting the ones i use a lot in bigger bottles. Also, i have a scale on order and am counting the minutes until it arrives.Can’t wait.


That is how I started out. You will soon figure out what flavors you really like and will have a better idea what you want to stay stocked up on. I buy 30ml of most everything when I can. But I have quite a few 120ml bottles in the closet also.