Wondering if it's possible

Hi all, the compare stash got me thinking. When I started diy, I used to do a weekly random blind pick of 3/4 flavors and mix it. Well as time rolls on and stash grows, it’s no longer a fair random pick.
So I got to thinking if there was enough intrest, a way to add a random generator on the flavor stash, where you could enter how many flavors to pick hit randomize, mix it.
Maybe you find a new combo or have a good chuckle or 2 out of it, any way hope everyone has a good day whatever the task at hand may be.


I’d bet there is a randomizer Google app.


Could be, only @daath could say if it is possible and if he would want to put in the work… I have seen this done on a Diy or Die podcast. I believe he entered flavors into a randomizer app, selected the number of flavors and mixers had to work with the results, just like you suggest. They seemed to be having a fun time with it!


Way down on my list is a little feature that was imagined to do something like that :slight_smile: Input how many flavors you’d like to use, and it would output a sort of randomly generated recipe.

Say that you chose 5 flavors, it would pick one from your stash, then pick a random companion flavor that are usually used with that flavor and do the same X times. It would pick Y number of “main” flavors and generate companion flavors to those. All flavors picked would use the flavor statistics to generate a % that would sort of make sense.

In short, I would design a little algorithm that took 2-3 inputs: Flavor stash, number of flavors to use in total and possibly how many “main” flavors there should be. It would then spit out a recipe :slight_smile: You could even envision an algorithm, where you asked it to include at least flavor Z (e.g. must include Lemonade (Flavorah))…

It’s sounds like a fun project that I intend to do at some point - But, alas, there are so many items on my list, but it is definitely possible :slight_smile:


Absolutely NOTHING, NADA, NICHTS, NIENTE comes before the DB makeover! The randomizer is super low priority, right @daath? RIGHT??
Say RIGHT @daath!!


hahha, that is highest priority - but I do take time to do some smaller stuff here and there to take my mind off stuff :slight_smile:


This is not quite what you’re looking for but it could give you some ideas from time to time


It’ll just select a random recipe from the database


Thank you all for the comments, tips etc. I shall look into them all,
@daath I sure love the site and appreciate the work you have put in and continue to do.:slight_smile:
Happy mixing all