Wondering if there's Malware?

Anyone notice a script running on their computer as soon as they log in to this site?

No I haven’t had it yet

Me neither.

I just want Lars to check, that script is only running when I log in here.

Yesterday I was just getting a “Read Only Mode” deal for a bit bot nothing like that. Hmmm

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That happened, I saw that too.

You know what? It’s not this site it’s twitter. I’m going to close my account.

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ELR is probably one of the CLEANER sites that I visit. There are MANY filthy (yes FILTHY) websites out there, and my favorite filthy website (Yes, I do web design too), had 65 scripts that would load upon entry. There are many tools/addons you can run (I use FireFox) within your browser to see what scripts load on websites. Lars runs a pretty clean setup here. Looks like the Java is mostly for layout, and we all know about cookies.


@Maureeenie Facebook, Twitter, etc. beware !!!


Yeah, we have a vendor here that’s atrociously guilty of running a ton of shit scripts on their site, but being that they take such an active roll, and are stellar in all other aspects of their business, I decided to keep quiet on it sometime back.

Still, I’m glad someone else notices shit like that.


@Sprkslfly it’s funny that site builders/business still do this, as even to the non-coder, sluggish, crappy site flow is easy to spot. Piss people off too much, and your competitor is but a click away…


Couldn’t agree more.

Fortunately we have script blockers, ghostery, etc. to be able to pick all this out "at a glance."
FF is going to be hurting (more than it already is) in just a few more updates… =(


Read only mode is from the site updating I think, like a maintenance mode??

Scripts are needed most of the time to allow more dynamic content but I agree there is a limit.

Lars’ coding is really nice, he keeps everything tight, stellar job :thumbsup:


Completely agree on both counts.


That’s just the site doing a software update, it comes and goes and is supposed to happen.
Just saw @Grubby already mentioned that :grinning:


That wouldn’t be a vendor based in LV by chance, would it?


I think there’s a lot of crap going on with twitter. It took me a couple hours to figure it out.

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