Wood & Ash tobacco enhancers

Looking to add some woodsy and Ash undertones to a sweet burly tobacco mix. I am seeing red oak from TFA and Oak from flavourart. Are there any others? I have Oak Barrel from flv but it doesn’t really do what I’m looking for.

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Red oak tfa, oak wood fa and oak barrel flavorah. There’s also wood spice from flavorah, @Ashuwixen, taste like sandalwood.
For ash, I think nothing beats dirty neutral base (dnb) inawera. You could also try adding kentucky blend from flavorah for ashy ness


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Two additives I will add to Tobacco’s is (FA) Black fire and (FLV) Classic Cigarette.
Black fire tastes like the smell you get off the smoke off a camp fire and don’t use at more .25.
Classic Cigarette gives a taste of burning cigarette.