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Workplace violence

Another mass-attack in the workplace.

I hope those affected are able to recover and carry on, and the perpetrator brought to justice. Rather inconveniently, however, the attacker chose a knife rather than a gun, so his actions will not be headline news for days. Will there be calls to ban knives? Will we need a background check to cut our steak? I’m going to guess no, since CNN is already downplaying the severity, calling it an ‘incident’.

Police are investigate a stabbing incident in Tallahassee, Florida, this morning, a police spokesman said.

Interesting how the weapon of choice affects the media coverage.


They can take my knives, I’ll just make more!


They’ll ban the cows first. Their farting causes global warming don’t ya know. Babies will be next, too great of a carbon footprint. Then maybe knives. One thing at a time! Our gooberment is overworked don’t ya know!


Maybe it’s a NRA member that tried to divert attention away from ‘guns and workplace violence’.


As an NRA member I can say without hesitation that they don’t play like that!


In Britain (where we have fewer guns and stricter gun laws) knife crime is actually a really big issue, and we have laws against sale of knives to minors, and against carrying a knife without a valid reason. And wide media coverage of the worst incidents

Ofc, there are too many ways for kids to get hold of knives (just sneak one out of the kitchen drawer, for one). So we do get kids (and other), knifing each other to death, and that’s a bloody big concern. But we don’t get USA -style school shootings, thank goodness. So our gun control laws must be having a significant effect :slight_smile:

I definitely wouldn’t trade for USA laws.

Don’t get me wrong, I find over-legislation scary in the main, and I’m sure our politicians as corrupt as anywhere else. but hey! I live in a country that bans guns, not strawberry flavoured vapes; and that makes a whole lot more sense to me!


If you can make sense of anything the government does, fair play.

It’s not about me wanting to tote around a 9mm. It’s about defending the core of the Constitution. I don’t want to get into a bunch of back-and-forth about it. Just saying the right to bear arms is woven into the fabric of the country.

Point of the thread is, anti-gun activists did not seize on that attack, as I knew they wouldn’t.

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Hmn … you guys really have a special breed for the moment :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I wouldn’t place any bets on that right now.