Wotofo Lush Plus RDA Giveaway: Multiple Build Options, Superb Flavor Experience

Hey guys…it’s been a while since our last contest, do you miss us ;)? I hope it’s a big “YES” :slight_smile: Well well, no smalltalk, guess what prize we are gonna bring to you this time? hmm…I must say, if you are into dripping and building, you would definitely love this new prize. Of course, if you are planning to try dripping, this one would also make a good start. It’s Lush Plus RDA by Wotofo!! You might think of the Lush RDA, right? But wait, this Plus version has very little in common with its predecessor except for the name. It’s 24mm in diameter and features a unique split-staggered two post build deck design that supports multiple building options. The super large wire holes give you much posibility for bigger and seriously creative coil builds. And the posts are milled to maximize juice well capacity. Two bottom air slots and the air holes beneath your coils form a direct to coil airflow system, which is not that airy though non-adjustable. The reduced chamber also maximizes flavor and vapor density. Simply put, this Lush Plus RDA will satisfy you with both building fun and flavor chasing.

So are you hooked on getting your hands on this new RDA? Here we go, 1 kit is ready for you to WIN. Go for it NOW!!

Reply any rule below to enter:

  1. What do you think of this RDA’s build deck?
  2. Any aspect of this RDA needs to be improved?
  3. Which device are you gonna match it with?
  4. Share you coil builds, such as what wires, how many wraps, etc.
  5. Tag 2 of your friends here.


  1. We use random.org to select winner on March 10, 2017.
  2. One answer per post, which means each participant can post 5 times at most.
  3. We require at least 30 participants.
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Definitely a unique design and love how it all screws down from the top so wide builds like Alien Claptons don’t get that weird twist from side screwing posts.

Doesn’t have air flow control, I like an airy draw so might be good for me but would still be nice to cut down the air flow if needed.

Hohm Wrecker G2

My favorite is a 7 wrap 3.5mm inner diameter Alien Clapton but a build that big doesn’t fit in a lot of tanks. Looks like this one will take it without any problem though.

@MysticRose @Fozzy71

Good news!!!

Do you think 1 set is not so enough for you to fight for? Wanna more chance to win this Lush Plus RDA? Here you go.

Another giveaway is in full swing on our site–Win Wotofo Lush Plus RDA Giveaway, Try The Fancy Building Experience! 8 sets are waiting for you!

Please don’t hesitate to join us. Good luck!

high-low posts look cool.

@TheTinMan1 @woftam

Wont know till I try, I like gold plated to not interfere with flavour

Whatever has batteries in it

Ss316l fused Clapton 3-28/40 7-8wraps 3id

  • The build deck. It LOOKS cool, but I won’t know what to think about it until I have had it for a week or two.
  • Improvements. Well another question that can’t really be answered yet, but I can tell you now that I like to use my own drip tips, so I would say an adapter would be an improvement. Also, if the air flow isn’t tight enough for me I would have to say adjustable AF.
  • The Device I will use it on, will be one that I have built myself. It is a PWM
  • My build of choice is a Dual Clapton 24g core and wrapped with 38g I use this the most because I build a coil in less than 5 min.
  • @DarthVapor @authormichellehughes @Rob62 @wvsanta

It’s gr8 design and I really liked the Philips head titanium screws.

Can’t say anything before using it but would have loved if they include 510 drip tip adapter.

Joyetech Evic VT.

I don’t vape on high wattage, I like simple 26awg Kanthal 5 wraps 2.5mm inner diameter spaced coil.

@Josephine_van_Rijn @DrChud

  1. What do you think of this RDA’s build deck?

Looks Gorgeous!

  1. Any aspect of this RDA needs to be improved?

Yes, the name…