Wotofo Profile Unity RTA review by Mjag

@mjag Ok, you just MADE MY DAY. Not sure if I’ll get the RTA, or no. I just got the RDA and I love it, with one glaring exception… it didn’t occur to me when I bought the OFRF mesh package that they’d be anything other than SS… turns out they’re Kanthal, which means no temp control vaping for me. I’m a coool vape person, super hot doesn’t work at all for me. I’ve recently discovered I can go up to about 55 w, but only if I’m in TC mode with a much lower temperature. 55w in wattage mode seems way too hot for me. So, because the OFRF mesh in Kanthal won’t work in TC mode, I’ve been using the Profile RDA at much watts lower in wattage. I had NO idea VV made wire mesh in stainless steel rolls. So I’ll grab one of those, cut to fit, like you did in your review… and I’ll be golden, vaping in TC mode with my Profile RDA. If it works great, I may very well grab the tank, too. Thank you!!! And an awesome review! I’m super fond of the look of bubble glass, but I never realized the surge in popularity was to preserve flavor in a tank. Huh. Awesome factoid.


So everyone I know isn’t real impressed with it…me not so much never tried it…hooked on the RDA.


I am glad Profile RDA is working out for you, still the one I prefer over the RTA.

Let me know how the VV SS 200 works out for you, so far it seems to be the SS mesh that most who want to TC have preferred. It is cheap too and the roll will last for a good amount of rebuilds.

@RexRabbit that doesn’t surprise me, some may be because of a bad wick job and others may be because they just prefer traditional coils. It is different enough that I can easily understand someone not caring for it. I recently saw Djlsb’s review of the Profile RTA and he mentioned it took him about 3 weeks to get the wicking right and once he did he enjoyed it. From my own experience and that of a lot of other reviewers I think it is safe to say that the Profile RTA is not for those new to rebuildables, the RDA version is MUCH more forgiving.
That said I have been enjoying the RTA a lot more with the Rayon wicking. Overall I wouldn’t recommend to a lot of people though, it is too much of a finicky PITA to get right


lol Oh yeah, I bought 5 feet of it at ecigsupply… it takes like an inch to make a new coil. I’ll have coils for YEARS. :wink: And it was cheap, like $6. I’ll be able to keep myself and my brother in mesh till the zombie apocalypse. So much more $ efficient than the OFRF mesh. Thanks so much!

And this is sort of random, but does anyone else notice with the Profile RDA (not sure about the unity, probably wouldn’t be the same with a tank) but at times the vape seems almost like… effervescent? I’m not explaining that well at all… its not spit back really. This is actually something I enjoy, kind of like tiny effervescent bubbles. Its really unique. I’m not familiar with other mesh devices, so not sure if this is just an aspect of the mesh itself, or more just a Profile thing. Or just a me weird perception thing. lol


Haha, that is a great way to explain it, sort of like when you pour a carbonated drink into a glass and go to take a drink while it is still bubbling. I get that too, more so when your dripping than squonking.

I have noticed that some flavors come off as very different as well. I have been working on a strawberry peach cream and it tastes a lot better in the Profile RTA than the Crown 4 with mesh coil I had with me today. A lot more sugar lips with the Profile, almost tastes flat in the Crown 4. There both mesh but the difference in flavor was a lot. With some other flavors the difference wasn’t as great but going back to the drawing board on the strawberry peach as it just doesn’t cut it in a subohm tank.


Yes, that’s it exactly! You nailed it. Like when you’re about to drink the coke before it stops fizzing. :wink: I LIKE it. lol


My review of the Unity RDTA/Profile RDA/OFRF NexMesh will be out today. I just need to get home and get some pictures done up.


Nice :+1: Looking forward to it


It is not the Cotton/Rayon that is the the issue with the dry hits. The issue is the mesh that comes with the device and the OFRF NexMesh as well. It is not spread out correctly or something. I noticed that the sides of the OFRF and WOTOFO mesh get super heated on the sides of the mesh. That is causing the eliquid to evaporate too quickly giving you that lovely dry hit. I will explain more in the reviews.

If you look at the picture of the two meshes @mjag took, you can see the line on each side of the WOTOFO mesh. Those lines heat up super quick and unevenly. Leaving one or the other side to super heat and burn your cotton way to fast. That is why a ton of people are getting dry hits that hurt like hell. Myself included.


I have heard about that with the OFRF mesh, supposed to use the smaller part of that jig wotofo includes to strum the mesh from the insides to get the hot spots out. I have also heard people saying to attach the clamps to the flat part, not so deep it attaches to the mesh part to get better contact.

Personally I don’t like the OFRF mesh as much as the Vandy Vape SS316L 200 mesh. What your saying is probably why, more susceptible to dry hits when I use the OFRF than the VV mesh even in power mode.


I’ve used both mesh options on the Profile RDA - the OFRF mesh, and @mjag’s suggestion in review, I bought a roll of VV SS 200 mesh. I definitely agree that the VV SS 200 seems to heat more evenly than the OFRF. I strummed both mesh varieties inside the ‘loop’ and outside with the included little dowel mesh curve tool, and the VV SS mesh (while a bit of a pita to work with, since it doesn’t hold its shape as well as the OFRF mesh when you make the curve) definitely heats more evenly, across whole mesh body, except for the edges where it is clamped. Edges by clamp don’t seem to heat much on either version.

I’ve noticed that i get less of the ‘effervescent’ bubbley effect with the VV SS mesh as well, which makes sense since the mesh is so much finer. I REALLY dig the VV SS, but for some wackadoodle reason, it still won’t work in TC SS mode on my Pico Eleaf Squeeze 2… not sure why, but I’ll try and figure it out. But the VV SS is nice, works beautifully, and is definitely a less expensive option than the OFRF.

Any of you getting dry hits at all, try @Deerslayer’s wicking method in this thread… totally different than that being shown by OFRF (almost opposite, with the bottom part of cotton being trimmed tight, and the top tails being wrapped over and covering the bottom cotton, and tucking into the well so it keeps the bottom cotton juicy), but I like it WAAAAY better. Seems to stay much more evenly saturated. Deerslayer is using rayon for the wicking, but since I don’t have rayon yet, I tried it with the OFRF angleted cotton hanks Profile/Profile Unity come with (though I did remove about 1/4 - 1/5 of the hank so its a bit less huge, then fed back into the anglet before wicking the Profile RDA), and it worked great.

@Deerslayer’s wicking method is shown here, in post 35 of 60
Best flavor rdas

@mjag You mention in your review that while Profile RDA is in your daily lineup, you don’t anticipate using the Profile Unity as much, as you have other RTAs you prefer. Can I ask, what are a few of the RTAs that you feel kick the crap out of the Profile Unity? I’m waiting for an OFRF Gear to arrive, and have the VV Revolver, which is performing well now, but not blow-my-hair-back fantastic, so curious what you’re finding best, RTA-wise. My alltime fave RTA (though I’ve tried waaay waaaay less than you have,clearly) is still the OBS Crius II. If that sucker came with a bubble tank, I’d just buy em in each color, and be set.


With the OFRF Mesh I was continually getting dry hits. With the VV mesh I rarely get dry hits and use it continually in the RDA and the Unity. I like the RDA better just because I use it for squonking.

For RTA’s I usually go for the RDTA’s. I think the Limitless RDTA kicks most of the Profiles butt for flavor. I would eve say that the GeekVape Medusa is far superior for clouds and flavor with the right build. I am not a huge mesh user. I love a good dual coil build all day, any day.


I use a LOT of RDA’S in my daily rotation, RTA’S I generally use on the road, RDA at home. My favorite RTA if all time is the Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus, I have 3 of them, 2 always in rotation, 1 with a big single coil and the other with a meaty dual coil. My favorite single coil RTA is the Asmodus Zesthia but there hard to find now, wish I would have bought another for a back up. I do have a Vandy Vape Kylin mini which is actually a touch better flavor wise for a single coil but not as easy to wick.

I have been using the Coil Art Mage 2019 a lot lately, just bought a second as vapordna has it on sale. Very similar to the Kylin V2 which is a good tank, neither one bounces the Plus of the top of the heap but I have been enjoying both. The Footoon Aqua Master is another tank I really enjoy along with the Voltrove Mini. None of these tanks were review tanks though so admittedly I haven’t done the amount of builds that I do with review tanks.

I do like the Crius II aside from that proprietary screwdriver you need to use, losing that would suck. I do prefer the Asmodus Zesthia over it, pretty close flavor wise but overall the Zesthia checks a lot more boxes for me.

There are a lot of really good RTA’S out there and no 1 best for everyone, we all have our preferences.

Since I started wicking the Profile RTA with rayon it is still in my rotation. It also makes the flavor in a strawberry peach juice I am making really pop compared to everything else I have tried it in. I have a new appreciation for the Profile RTA now but still not a tank I would recommend to newbies.


Ooh, thanks, @mjag. Your recs always make me smile. I’ll definitely check out the Coil Art Mage, and Steam Crave Aromamizer… that’s a biggie hefty chunk if memory serves, so I’ll have to look into larger mod if I grab one, or I’ll have a top heavy beastie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll also see if I can track down the Zesthia. I want to say I went looking for those recently, and then got distracted before finding em.

And yeah, damn that stupid triangle screwdriver for the Cruis II! lmao What a ludicrous epic fail that concept was. Though my boyfriend has discovered that a flat head blue barbie screwdriver works just fine in that triangle cutout… we still have the stupid triangle tool, he’s just didn’t feel like grabbing and gave it a whirl. So anyone who lost theirs, grab a blue barbie flat, and you’re golden.

I’m really really dying to grab the Profile Unity since some great reviews popped up here, and i ADORE the RDA. I almost got one for my brother yesterday… he’s a newer vaper, but a hobbyist for a ton of stuff, so he jumped right into building like it was nuthin. I’ve been vaping for a decade, and he’s already exceeded my build skill level in a month, the jerk. lol But we got him an OFRF Gear, instead. His next will be the Unity, I think. Mine will prob be Unity, too.

Question… you mentioned Kylin 2… any experience with the Kylin Mini? That’s high up on my list. I bought a Gear which is lost in post… waiting for efun.top to make it right, so who knows if I’ll ever get it. But was thinking if it never arrives, I might grab a Kylin Mini, as I’ve heard they’re incredibly comparable, flavorwise.


The Kylin Mini is one of the best flavor RTA’S but wicking is tricky. I did review that tank here Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA review by Mjag....The single coil RTA to beat?

There is a build tutorial in that review so that should help.

The Zesthia is easier to build on and a lot better looking IMO. The flavor off the Kylin mini when built right is excellent though, the Zesthia is a close second place. I can get impatient though so don’t build on the Kylin Mini much. Once you get the wicking it is easy but still not as easy as other single coil RTA’S.

The OFRF Gear RTA is one I see people split on, some love it and others think it is overhyped. I fall into the overhyped category, it is good but not the second coming like some said it was. For me it seems better with a medium to lower wattage build, I like beefier builds in my single coil tanks and the Gear doesn’t work as well with those builds IMO.

I actually have the Zesthia with me today, love this tank

I am always happy to help and if you need any advice on mods that hold 30mm tanks just let me know.


There are actually 3 Mage RTA’S, the original, a version that came out maybe a year ago and the 2019. The version that came out a year ago is actually pretty good but I was referring to the 2019 which is a resin tank, here is the green I just bought but has a lot of blue in it.

I bought that one for a green stabwood mod I have but it is a better match on this blue one.

Check vapordna.com, I think it is in there clearance section for $17 and there is a 10% off coupon out there somewhere. They actually have a lot of goodies in there clearance section, bought like 4 tanks for about $50 shipped.


Holy tar, that is an awesome deal. I’ve poked around VaporDna, but never extensively, and I didn’t realize there WAS a clearance section. ADORE the resin!!! It looks amazing on that blue stab wood. Gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a resin tank, but they all seem to be sub ohm. You just made my day. Popping over there now, to see. Though sadly purchases have to wait till Wed payday. lol Right now, I am a broque’ vaper. :-1: So I super appreciate heads up about the sale!


Try DNA15 code 1st, if that doesn’t work DNA10 should still work.


@Skullblade789 That’s good enough for me !!!

Skullblade +1


@mjag Mega Dittos …