Wotofo rebuildable mesh smrt coils, pnp, rpm, rpm2 and nord!


Looks like wotofo is about to launch the smrt rebuildable in a few more coil types, the pnp is awesome, it’s barely building since all you need is scissors, but they’re tasty, really, and cloudy, run great. Made me think to do a nord x or something just to check them out. I see rpm, rpm2, and nord coils! And an smrt mod with the rpm2 pod and coil, it’s a sweet mod as long as your dl and like wide open, light and sleek, does a full day for me around 50w, no downsides so far after couple months. This is one of my most tasty dl coils, like the profile rdta


Cool, it’s about time they started doing something like that even though an RBA would be better (IMO). If I still vaped DL I would be all over it.

What do you think; rebuild or rba?


I think both, nothing gets me away from coils, I still like them, warm, power hungry, but for carrying its nice to have small mesh stuff, sometimes, I like it all.

I just think it’s brilliant, smok or voopoo would never give up that sweet coil money, but wotofo had the reach to make these a hit. The pnp are a real gem for me, just love them, especially with ecigs under attack,to have supply for long term is nice and cheap


I like te way these coils are built. So simple! I wish there was something similar in my Crown 1 and Crown 3 days. I’m really happy with my Kylin mesh rebuildable for a longer time than with any of my tanks before but this looks like something worth trying. I don’t like the pods so much but I’m sure this concept can be adapted to many tanks. The time i spent trying to rebuild crown coils with very limited success :roll_eyes:


Wow, weird, this just went up, I can’t remember what else is compatible with the baby beast


I liked these pnp rebuilable so much I bought a few nice tanks that have pnp bridge, and rbas of course, it’s nice to have a few ready to go and for so cheap why not, I think they should make them for all popular tanks, they could make a good chunk and not give up that sweet coil money smok and voopoo cannot let go of, this design was done years ago by vapefly, another company without sweet coil money, they all could have built this but no one wants to give up all that pod money, wotofo bringing it!


I did the same on pnp tanks, these are very slick and handy. Love them.