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WOTOFO Recurve Mechanical Sqonk Mod


I was able to review the Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod by the wonderful people of @HealthCabin This will not skew my view of the following review. The pics above are the box and lovely trinkets inside the bold green box. Now for the review.

The Wotofo Recurve Mechanical Squonk Mod is just a wonderful device to own. The ergonomics of this thing is just amazing. The feel of this device is just comfortable to say in the least amount of words possible. It has natural curves and has a feeling as if it belongs in your hand. The weight to it is solid. It is a bit on the heavy side, but that to me feels great. It feels like a device should. Not too much plastic and a good bit of engineering. There is no rattle what so ever. Engineering is just superb in my opinion. If you have tiny mitts, this may not feel as natural to you. It is on the bigger side.

The Recurve is, if you do not know, one of Mike Vapes collaborations with WOTOFO. I have to say, to find faults with this one is very, very difficult. It uses all sorts of batteries. Two adapters come with Recurve to assist with using the different battery types. I highly recommend the 20700 battery with this device. This is where the full potential of the Recurve comes to shine. I put the Recurve RDA on this and just loved the power this mod provides. The Recurve squared is a vape that I have been looking for in a squonk mod. The flavor shines more with the power produced. The squonk bottle provided is a glorious 8 ml to fill with your favorite e-liquid. (A side note if you use the Faris RDA you know get a solid 10 ml when all devices filled. This is a great vape as well.) I know this is a short review, but there is nothing wrong with this device to me. This has replaced the squonk mods that I really, really like and use every day. This sexy beast is a new go to everyday and go with me device. The feel of this device is just amazing and the power with the 20700 is perfect. You cannot go wrong this mod. If you are looking for a mod that is LESS than $30 bucks, you cannot go wrong with this device! Currently on sale at https://www.healthcabin.net/wotofo-recurve-squonk-mod-p/18522.html . If you are looking to get into squonking, or are an old squonker then this is your device that you need today! I highly, highly recommend this device!



Thanks for your review!:trophy:



Nice and succinct review, thank you.



Damn it’s on sale for 24$!!! Time to go shopping =)



Wow, another good one @Skullblade789, and I have to agree. For under $30.00, going to be hard to NOT get one now.



Thanks to everyone who responded!



I was sold and went through the whole process registering blah blah. So they wanted 16$ to ship…kind of changed my mind. Great deal yes shipping no way. Bummer. Sorry, they need to figure that out way too much $.



Dammit Skull, I was looking for a reason NOT to buy this mod and you gotta go out and do this…shit, gonna go shopping now