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Wotofo Recurve RDA Review


I felt I should update you on this.

After the last 24hrs or so and never once being over squonked this is what I see.

It looks worse in this picture than it is in real life and I must say it is no worse than any other atty I have…Maybe even not as bad as most.

Also I had mentioned how heavy it feels so here is an update.

Wasp 22.94g
Hadaly 27.75g
Recurve 45.94g

After replying to you about the heat issue some are reporting I decided to put it on a mech mod. I used a Kennedy V2 tube mod with a freshly charged Samsung 25r with the same build as I mentioned above SS 316L3mm ID fused Clapton reading 0.26 ohms. I sat down and pretty much chain vaped it as long as I could stand. Yes it got warm to the touch but not even close to hot. I am not sure what reviewer said it gets hot or what kind of build/mod they were using but I have been unable to make mine anything more than slightly warm. I have to say also it surprises me how fast it cools back down as well.


The silver version is now in stock just in case anybody wants one. So far the silver version is the only one I am seeing anyplace that is in stock.


Thanks for the great review


Great review, @wvsanta! I’ve saw some YouTube reviews on this RDA and was sold. Never saw anyone mentioning leaking and this condensation in the 510 pin in the mod :frowning:

Thanks for your honest review! Have a nice weekend!


Finally got mine and I agree with your final assessment. This little guy rocks! I’ve been using my Peerless and Goon V1.5 in single coil mode on my squonk and they were pretty good but felt…unbalanced. I put the Recurve on and man, oh man, what a difference! The flavor on this one is just fantastic. My first single coil RDA and it did not disappoint. Thanks again for the review. You sold it my man.


Really glad you like it. Mine has been in use everyday since I got it.


Same here :grin:
And I’m sure next week, when Dan the man’s Recurve ends up by someone else, there will be another happy camper using it daily!

I’ve been using some older 510 drip tips on it recently by the way. It bumps up the flavor even more and reduces spitback when I overdrip it. Now it’s by far the most flavorful RDA I have.


I have found the same thing to be true.

This is how I am using it now.

While I like the looks of the supplied red 810 tip the smaller 510 tip I am using just makes it a better vape all around. :+1:




Great review, that does look like alot of juice in the 510, I have not squonked in a month or more, don’t remember juice in the 510 that bad, I know you said picture looks worse, and yeah it looks worse. As long as your mod is not getting any juice on the inside, it should be fine.


PSA : Per Mike’s [or some other] video
When removing the deck from the (foam) packaging,
twist it as you pull it out, to save the o-rings intact.
[Late to this thread, but hey…I walked all the way here.]
Great review @wvsanta


Yeah, I’m late (very) here as well. I have an excuse though :wink:

Looking at FLV flavors led me to researching FLV flavour notes and testing solo from @SmokyBlue. That led me to researching wickless coils. That led me here, there and everywhere and got me thinking of using RDAs.

Inbetween all this research, I got me some “outdated” toys as mentioned previously in the Vape Mail thread and one of those items was the Haku Phenom clone. After trying the Haku and thinking about it, I’ve concluded that RDAs might be my next pathway.

That has now led me here to this review as I had already made a preliminary list of single coil RDAs to look into. As soon as I saw @wvsanta did a review of the Recurve (which was on my list), I had no hesitation clicking on it and checking it out.

First up, great review buddy. Nice photos, straight to the point and no BRAVO SIERRA as you put it. Nice tip on the coil placement, makes sense to me and I will build the same when I get mine (yes, this is a definite purchase for me I’m sure). Nice tip also on the drip tip. I discovered the same thing by accident playing around with the Haku. I wasn’t squonking it (just dripping) but I had some condensation underneath the atty as well. I just put it down to it making its way from the chamber down to the base. Could be totally wrong too :grin:

Anyways, now that I’m looking to make the “switch”, I got me some serious research to do on more RDAs and squonk mods as well. And where better than right here on ELR eh? Thanks brother…

Seems there’s no end to this rabbit hole…


Good for you @DardyVape! :+1:

I too love my blue recurve :wink: so get to mixing and this time… don’t be so slow!! :smiley:


Glad you liked it

You are welcome and no there is no end to the rabbit hole.


Since you are standing on the edge of the rabbit hole, let me save you a step or two,
with a neighborly nudge from behind (oops, down you go).

All who squonk should have a Recurve RDA [or 3].
810 or 510 drip tip works great. [alas, the need for more than one Recurve RDA]
With 80W regulated or semi-regulated mod [18650 20650 20700 21700 batts] the
best hits, clouds, ramp-up, flavor, etc. so far has been with both 316L 3mm 24ga
spaced 8wrap and 316L 3mm 22ga spaced 9wrap coils, fit 1/16" below the coil channel.

The Recurve RDA also works great on a DripBox 2 and a DripBox 160 in TC with SS.
Slight overhang unless you use the clear/frosted top cap.

It pairs perfectly with the Recurve 80W “Penguin” Wotofo/MikeVapes mod, which is
currently on clearance at Vapor Range for $25, available in 4 colors.

Veering off the path towards a dual coil RDA for squonk, I have found nothing beats
a Velocity V2 RDA with 316L 3mm 26ga spaced 7wrap 0.5ohm each …X2 = 0.25ohm

“Penguin” w/Gold Recurve RDA
“Penguin” w/Black Velocity V2


P.S. Don’t forget to pick up some squonk refill bottles and/or caps.
Believe me, you will want them.
[great pricing currently at thebestvape.com and mojovapor.com]


Thanks for the advice @ozo. Gee that “Penguin” mod sure does look “purdy” don’t it. Yeah, the Recurve is 100% on the RDA list along with maybe/most probably the Tobhino, KRMA and the PULSE 22. But after fryin’ my head with all this research, I’ve come to realise there’s just sooo many RDAs out there and more that come out every week/month that it’ll be a never ending quest. I’ll try my best to enjoy the ride though.

Haven’t come across the Wotofo “Penguin” mod yet. Maybe I skipped over it in my dazed state after too many days staring at the screen. But hey, it’s on the list for me to look at, thanks. I’ve seen a lot of people recommend getting the Pico Squeeze 2 if you’re just starting out so that’s 100% on the mod list. Also looking at more than likely getting a VT Inbox V3 and Fuchai 213. But I really got my heart set on a Topside though. Besides the rave reviews and great looks, I love how the bottles hold a ton of juice and you can just take them out and replace with another. Get me 5 bottles and the juice rotation is sorted.

Oh well, the good thing about all this research is that it means I can hopefully make an informed call on what I want just in time for “them over there” to get back from Chinese New Year holidays. I do most of my shopping at FT these days and more than willing to wait a couple of weeks.

Anyways, thanks again for the heads up :+1: and will absolutely take your “shortcut” advice. Now off to read some more posts here and then start making a list of RDAs, mods and bottles. Definitely getting spare bottles as suggested. Not only for swapping juices around but also ‘cos I can’t see them lasting forever. Just as long as they have caps/tops or whatever and hopefully some that are compatible with more than one mod. Yet more (worthwhile) research on the cards. Cheers…

P.S Sorry for late reply but you guessed it … got way-laid with all this investigating :laughing:


In the pic above the Recurve RDA with a 510 drip tip and the Wotofo Recurve (or sometimes called thePenguin) mod.

EDIT: The link to the black and white version like the one I took the picture of.



@DardyVape I’ve just been doing the same thing, ended up just buying a recurve clone off FastTech for £5.50/$7.67 to see how I got on with the RDA experience. I’m really enjoying it so plan on buying a genuine one because I feel Wotofo deserve my money for their creation, not gonna keep anyone in business buying clones. That being said, I also definitely recommend doing what I did as a first time thing, for that money there’s just no pressure, I’ve been happy to tinker with it and just be pleasantly surprised by results. Or you can get a genuine one off FT for £16.50/$22.

/miniderail sorry!


@wvsanta I’d never have known that was your first, if you hadn’t mentioned it. Yay! Go, you! That was super informative review, and happened to be an RDA I’ve been looking for reviews on. I’m new to the RDA scene… I’ve been an RTA girl for ages, but since I’m trying to get into DIY in a larger way (ie mixing more than just mine and my guys all day vape recipe), I thought I needed something I could ‘taste’ flavors on. I picked up a Doge v2 as my first, just cause i caught one on sale for like $5. Good,really good even, but there’s room for improvement in form and function. LOVE the looks of @eStorm s gloriously gold recurve… she’s classin’ up the joint with her lovely photos… so i went poking around a bit looking for Recurve gold drip tips. I think based on your review, I might just hold off a touch and buy the actual gold RDA. Seems like performance is well worth the $20 ish buckos. Thanks! Killer review, and since I’m a total noob with anything other than store bought commercial coils, I’ll come back here when i get it for tips on how to coil and place coil on this lil’ guy. :slight_smile: