Wotofo Recurve RDA Review

I hope everyone enjoys this.

Let me get the formalities out of the way first.

This RDA was provided to me at no cost by @HealthCabin for the purpose of this review.

If you want all of specs please click here Wotofo Recurve RDA Atomizer and read them from there web site for yourself. I am just not going to copy and paste all the info.

I would hope that I did not have to tell anyone this, BUT just to be sure. The fact that I got this free does not mean that I would be anything but brutally honest. Ask anyone in real life I never sugar coat anything for any reason.

I sat down last night to start this post but I received a private message telling me that if I wanted to let the cat out of the bag about an upcoming sale I could. I had to wait for additional info and I do not have a link for you yet but here you go with what I know so far and I will update this with a link as soon as one is available.

Copy and pasted directly from the PM

The promotion starts on May, 14, please find the following info for your reference and i will send you the link asap.

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So there you have it just what I have so far.

Now on to the review and just so everyone knows this is the first time I have ever got free gear to do a review so be kind.

The unboxing

I have this to say first, this was packaged withstand more abuse than any package Vape related I have ever received.

Surrounded by mini air bags I found this.

The first thing I want to share is the fact that if it was not for bad luck I would have no luck at all. If there is a raffle with only 10 tickets and I buy 9 of them I can guarantee you I will not win.

Imagine my surprise at the luck of getting one in my 2 favorite colors. I thought that this may be a sign of good things to come. Keep in mind as you read on I truly expected this RDA to not fit my style of vaping from what I had already learned about it via YouTube.

I am not easily impressed with the quality of vape gear in general. In my eyes anyway, everything is made as cheaply as it can possibly be made. My very first impression was this thing is built like a tank. This has got to be the heaviest RDA I have ever picked up.

Wotofo packaged this thing to be delivered by Air mail and I mean by the plane flying overhead and dropping it without a parachute. I tugged and pulled a good bit to get everything out but finally.

My first warning will be check your O rings when you pull the base out. It was so tight mine peeled right off the base.

I am not going to copy and paste the list of stuff that comes with it, the picture should be good enough.

I will tell you the coils are made with nichrome of some variety and leave it at that. If it matters to you follow the link at the beginning of this review for the specs.

Some close ups of the deck.

I thought I took one of the inside from above but I guess I forgot. At my age that is allowed by the way.

Now on we go to the first build. A simple 316L 24g 3mm id 7/8 wrap round wire coil. I used the tool that comes with the atty to cut the leads to the suggested length. You will learn more about this suggested/recommended length thing as you read on.

I used the supplied tool to mount the coil but I have to be honest after this first build I went back to using my trusty little jewelers screw driver to mount and tweak the coil.

In this last picture I want you to think about the position of the coil in relation to the air holes. Every video review I watched anyway said the supplied tool gets the coil at the proper height. More on that later but I say BRAVO SIERRA (B.S.) YouTube reviewers. Not in my opinion anyway after several days of using this.

Now right on to the second build. I was not at all happy with the first build and as I suspected I found a much better vape by lowering the coil about 1/16th of an inch. Yes I use imperial not metric. Remember I already mentioned above at my age forgetful is allowed and secondly we still do imperial not metric.

This picture should help. Same coil, I just pulled it out straightened the leads clipped off about 1/16th of an inch and re-mounted it. Yea I am a cheap ass also.

Wicked up and ready to go.

I set it up first with the 510 adapter and the drip tip I use the most. I went this route because with the first build I was getting a lot of hot little droplets of juice. More about that very soon.

All I can say is the vape was now incredible without all the little hot drops of steaming liquid hitting my tongue. Nice warm vape, plenty of cloud for me anyway and most importantly plenty of flavor. Now I felt comfortable using it with the supplied wide bore drip tip. I have never been a big fan of them but I wanted to experience it just for this review and because I really like the looks of the Red on Black combo.

I mentioned earlier in the first set of pictures that I wanted you to think about the relation of the coil to the air holes. In my opinion anyway the reason for the hot droplets was the bottom row of holes directed air under the coil but the top set directed it at the center of the coil.

With the lowered coil the bottom set hits the center of the coil while the top set actually directs just over top of or at least at the very top of the coil disrupting the hot little droplet popping off of the top of the coil.

To somewhat verify my theory when I did the 3rd build using a Stainless Steel fused Clapton coil I juiced it up without a wick and fired it. The best I could do with my camera but in real life looking close the majority of the popping droplets do come right off of the top of the coil. Scientific, theory or just BRAVO SIEERA again? You be the judge. All I can tell you is my personal experience and the lowered coil vape much better to me.

Now real quick the 3rd build and the one I am vaping on as I am typing this review.

SS 316l 26g x 2 cores fused with SS 316L 38g 3mm ID 6/7 wrap

Nice warm, wet vape absent of the hot little droplets of steam hitting my tongue even with the wide bore drip tip.

I would not be doing a good job if I did not answer…Does it leak? Can you over Squonk it?

Well I am sad to say I have to disagree with the Professional Reviewers on YouTube that I watched anyway. It is not all that hard to over squonk it and yes when I carried it in my shirt pocket it did leak a little.

Not only that but every time I take it off of my mod I see this.

The only other thing I think needs to be mentioned is the airflow. While it is limited in adjustability I found it to be adequate to suit me. You have the choice of 6 holes, 4 holes or 2 holes on both sides. I found wide open to be to airy and lacking in flavor but the 4 hole setting was the setting I found my happy spot. The 2 hole setting is approaching the Mouth to Lung range and way to restricted in my opinion.

All in All this is the best quality atty that I have and the best flavor and vape quality of any that I own. I like the build quality. I like the post-less deck design. I think the air flow is limited in adjustability but more than adequate to suit most.

For a single coil atty this thing is capable of respectable vapor production and superior flavor previously only achievable with dual coil set ups.

If the flaws I mentioned are not deal breakers for you, and to me they are minor issues that most atomizers have in common, then I highly recommend the Recurve as one of the best RDA’s to date that I am aware of.

If I have left anything out please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.


I hope everyone has found this information useful. I tried everything I could think of to put this thru it paces.

This ones a keeper in my opinion and I am even getting accustomed to the wide bore drip tip.

Friendly reminder Health Cabin’s 9th Anniversary sale coming may 14th and I will post a link as soon as I get one.

Thanks @HealthCabin for the opportunity to review this RDA


Thank you for the honest review. I think you did a very good job for this being your first. I was looking for reviews from people actually using it longer than 3 minutes, and you did that.

I’m using a wasp nano on my squonk, but since the sale is around my birthday, I might give that one a go.

I quite enjoy single coil lately and this airflow reminds me a bit of the kylin mini + drop + peerless. Not comparing them or trying to say something here, just the 3 names jumped right in my head after seeing it lol.

Anyways thanks again, looking forward of reading some more reviews in the future :slight_smile:


thanks for the great review, if i may ask do you think it fairs up better than the 1) nudge most importantly and secondly the 2) pulse? cheers


Thanks @eStorm for the kind words. This experience has convinced me that the YouTubers either straight up lie or spend very little time using something before putting out a video.


I don’t have a nudge but as far as the Pulse 22mm version this is way better.


nice job ty for the info , this is on my list of rdas to get …


I’ve seen some reviewers state that the thickness of the top cap forces it to retain heat and become hot. Have you noticed any of that? Nice first review by the way.


Awesome job @wvsanta :wink: very detailed and honest run down, and your pics are bang on, thanks for sharing man :wink: :+1:


Great review @wvsanta! Good read🍻


Thanks @fidalgo_vapes all I can say is I am really liking it.

Big Benny I am running a SS 316L3mm ID fused Clapton reading 0.26 ohms and I have been vaping it for 2 days at around 460f to 510f depending on my mood and yes it gets warm but in no way Hot. I have also chained vaped it just to see if I could get it hot. NOT

That said if you build it to the recommended coil height I guess it is possible because the bottom set of air holes in my honest opinion completely miss hitting the coil directly so the cooling effect may come into play.

Thanks @Steampugs means a lot coming from you Sir

Thanks @Eddiepraysforpeace glad you liked it


Very thorough review!! If you hadn’t said it was your first review I never would have guessed it! That curved airflow is really interesting, and it’s a nice looking dripper. I have had the same o-ring experience with every wotofo product I have bought lol. Nice work!


@wvsanta very thorough! I was eyeballing this atty ever since it came out. It would be fun to give it a go as I don’t usually use single coil setups. You hit on everything. Thanks for the time you put into this! :vulcan_salute:


Very nice review! Great detail, and while it makes me nervous seeing that you’re getting condensation under the atty (on top of the 510 deck)…I’m glad you pointed it out! At least we know to look for it! :thumbsup:

In addition, I also appreciate your thoughts on the position of the coil. No one I know enjoys “lava droplets”! :wink:

Well done my Imperial friend! lol :grinning:


Great review Santa! I have to say that I’m not a fan of the curved barrel, no particular reason just one of my many oddities. However, I am dying to try this one out after seeing your pics of the deck. It really looks intriguing and I’m going to seriously think about it.

Who am I kidding, I’m gonna get one.

Thanks for the excellent review!


I am hoping it is coming from over Squonking. It is never bad and the Inbox seems to be well sealed as all squonk mods should be but not sure yet.

This last re-wicking it was very minor and it has not been over squonked since so we will see. I am finally learning the squonk limits of this atty.

I will update this thread if I solve the issue or figure out why it is happening.

Thanks for the kind words.


Personally I like CURVES

You know I could have got in trouble with this one posting picture of CURVES and such LOL



I am just the opposite. Hate dual coils



Well…one could differentiate between soft curves and hard metallic curves, but why open that can of worms?


Good review, great info, I too have been looking at this for some time and I hope to get one in the future. I’ll look at them after the post startup rush is over and the price drops, but i’ll be looking at the upcoming sale too! thanks again for the informative review.


You are welcome.
I tried very hard to find everything I thought would be a flaw.
The flavor and vapor production are incredible for a single coil RDA