Wotofo Sapor, top hat anyone?

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SirRisc here with another gear review!

A good while back I reviewed two authentic drippers that were both cheap and high quality.
Those two were named the Troll and the Freakshow Mini, and they were both made by Wotofo.
To this day the Troll is still my favorite dripper but it got a little competition from another Wotofo dripper, the Sapor.

This lime green Wotofo Sapor was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Gearbest.com!


I’ll be very honest here and say that Wotofo has become one of my favorite brands when it comes to cheap authentic drippers.
They’re not terribly innovative nor are they anything revolutionary, but they work.
When I first got the Freakshow Mini in for review, I was happy to see a dripper with bottom airflow and a reduced chamber.
That later turned into frustration as I found out how much the Freakshow Mini was leaking each time I dared to drip one drop too many.

But at the same time I fell for the Troll, a three post dripper with ample room for building, a rather deep juicewell and massive airflow.
It was one of those drippers that was very forgiving and very versatile, it was the ideal dripper for me. And it still is.

However the Troll got a little brother (or sister) with top airflow later on, the Sapor.
Another very forgiving dripper that has a similar three post deck, a deep juicewell and plenty of airflow.

Wotofo Sapor


  • Stainless Steel
  • 22mm base
  • Top airflow for dual coils
  • Peek insulator
  • Three post deck, centerpost is square with 2 holes
  • Rhodium plated copper 510 pin
  • Standard 510 driptip, 510 driptip adapter, and widebore driptip included
  • Available in stainless, white, black, green, deep blue, tiffany blue, black with green splatters, black with pink splatters, and black with tiffany blue splatters
  • Packaging includes RDA, triple screwdriver, 5 spare o-rings, 4 spare screws, and 3 driptip options


The Sapor comes in a classy cardboard box in black and red, with Sapor in big bold letters on the front.
On the side of the box is a little sticker that states the color of the RDA, in my case lime green.
On the botom is a warning that this is a product that uses nicotine, which I honestly found a bit strange. After all, some of us are vaping 0mg and thus use no nicotine.
Beneath that is a sticker with a QR code that points you to the website for more information, and a scratch&check to ensure you have an authentic Wotofo product.
Inside of the box you’ll find a transparent plastic card in black and red that states the name and logo. A rather useless addition but nice none the less.
There’s also a card added with the Wotofo logo, easy for reviewers like myself to include in photos.
Underneath the cards you’ll find a foam insert with the RDA, and the driptip options.

A couple of photos…


The deck on the Sapor is a three post deck with four wireholes, making it easy to build dual coils.
In fact the deck is rather similar to the Troll, it has ample room for coils and has a massively deep juicewell.
Don’t buy this dripper if you want to use a single coil by the way, it’s meant for dual coils just like the Troll was.
The way the barrel sits around the deck and the position of the airflow makes it so you can fully flood your coils, which can be a problem sometimes.
That’s also what makes this RDA different from the Troll, the airflow.
The Sapor gets its airflow from the top of the barrel, which should in theory improve flavor production but doesn’t.
And if you do flood your coils as I mention above, be prepared to get a mouthful of hot juice. (That sounded dirtier than it should…)
That said though, the airflow is more than ample to provide air to bigger coils.
I’ve mainly been using it on an unregulated boxmod with stainless steel coils, and even at 0.2ohm which should be a very hot vape it stays fairly cool.
In that regard the top airflow does work very well, the only issue I have is that it doesn’t really produce more flavor.
I reckon if Wotofo made the barrel a few millimeters shorter bringing the topcap and airflow shorter to the coils and thus reducing the chamber even further, it would produce better flavor.
There’s another catch to the airflow that annoys me greatly, namely the sound it makes.
When fully opened it’ll whistle like crazy, and when you close the airflow off by half it’s more of a turbulent sucking noise.
This is because of the curve the air has to go through, it causes the air to collide with the sides of the topcap and makes the airflow unstable.
The topcap is where most people will say “Well, that’s ugly. It has overhang!” and I agree on that.
It’s made to stick out just a little bit, making it easy to grab onto when you want to drip.
The driptips sit inside of the topcap and the Sapor does best with a regular 510 driptip in my opinion.
The addition of a widebore driptip is nice, but only works if you’re using bigger coils that need the airflow fully opened.
The widebore driptip also seems to reduce the flavor even further, which is a bit of a shame.
Overall the performance of the Sapor is very good if you keep a few things in mind; don’t flood your coils by overdripping, don’t toot too hard or you will get a mouthful of juice, and build close to the centerpost.


Alright, I know. It’s green. I like green. It’s not for everyone but it fits my Tuglyfe clone so well.
The paintjob is less bright than the Freakshow but still has a very bright color.
The paint doesn’t seem to chip or scratch, and is only done on the outside. Not on the inside as I’ve heard others claim. (Seriously, who would paint the inside of an RDA?)
The topcap is a bit strange as it protrudes from the barrel but it does make it very easy to grab when you need to drip.
It looks a bit like a top hat for your mod, it just needs a monocle and you’ve got yourself a Sir. :wink:
Being able to switch the driptips is a nice addition, with the widebore driptip the Sapor looks like an outright cloudchasing RDA.
The adapter sits very snug too, and fits most 510 driptips with ease. Where the Troll had a problem with thinner o-rings, the Sapor doesn’t.
On the barrel we have Sapor embossed in black lettering, which doesn’t look all that bad really.
One small thing that irks me is that the deck came with small spots all over it, most likely because they’re using a cheaper stainless steel alloy that (ironically) stains more easily.
This did not affect the flavor or performance in any way.

A few more photos…

Pros and Cons.


  • Deep juicewell
  • Big deck with lots of room
  • 3 options for driptips included
  • Ample airflow from the top
  • Square centerpost and peek insulator
  • Very forgiving to build and wick
  • Doesn’t leak


  • Less flavor than expected
  • Spots on the deck
  • Top airflow tends to suck up juice
  • It’s LOUD
  • Topcap protrudes (not a real con, but not a pro either)

In conclusion.

The Sapor is definitely worth a try if you want an RDA with top airflow.
The way the airflow is built makes it very close to leakproof and the massive juicewell allows you to drip a lot of juice into the RDA.
I was rather dissapointed by the flavor production but it’s not terrible either, the Troll just does better in my opinion.
Overall I quite like the Sapor, it’s a worthy addition to the Wotofo family of cheap authentic drippers!

In closing I would like to thank Gearbest.com for sending me this green Wotofo Sapor for review!
And to all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much for the support!

Join me next time for a small mod with temperature control and Ti01 support, the Cloupor Mini Plus!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
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