Wotofo Serpent 50W and 24K Serpent Mini, portable power

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The Serpent Mini 24K and Serpent 50W were sourced from Wotofo!


Wotofo is a brand I quite like because of the way they handle themselves.
They’re not the biggest brand around, but they carry themselves with a sense of pride and they back it up with good hardware.
As it happens, they’re mostly known for their range of drippers and tanks, but they also produce a rather large range of mods.
On todays menu is a small boxmod named after one of their most famous RTAs, the Serpent Mini. And of course the RTA itself, albeit in a special 24K gold plated edition.

Wotofo Serpent Mini 24K


  • 22mm diameter
  • Single coil deck with 2mm terminals
  • Top filling
  • Wide kidney-shaped filling holes
  • 3ml capacity
  • Available in black, stainless steel or a limited edition 24K Gold-plated

Wotofo Serpent 50W


  • Poweroutput 7W to 50W
  • Temperature control for Ni, Ti, SS316
  • 2000mAh built-in battery
  • 1A USB charging
  • Top mounted screen
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely small
  • Available in black, silver, dark blue, red or green


Serpent Mini 50W

Serpent Mini RTA


Let’s start off with the Serpent Mini RTA, a tank that actually needs no further introduction.
Because if you’ve ever posed the question “What tank do I use for good flavor?”, the Serpent Mini was the answer.
And it’s definitely no lie, the Serpent Mini is a flavorchaser pur sang.
The small but powerful RTA brings out the smaller accents in pretty much any juice you put into it and it does so with a fairly decent draw.

The Serpent Mini has a 22mm diameter and despite its small size does boast a capacity of 3ml.
Since this is a single coil RTA, it’s also a bit more frugal and more suited for lower wattages.
I’ve found my sweetspot to be around 40W with a 0.48ohm staggered fused clapton, which gives me a warm but full and dense flavor.
With a regular macrocoil the Serpent Mini doesn’t exactly lose much flavor but it does make a difference. To each their own of course, that’s one of the perks of vaping.

The deck is small but extremely easy to build on due to its rather wide terminals.
The terminals are placed vertically so the leads of the coil actually drop in between two parts of the deck, where they can be tightened with a hex screw from the side.
What you do have to keep in mind is to wrap your coil clockwise instead of counterclockwise, otherwise the leads will be at opposite sides of the terminals and that makes things hard to get sitting right.

On the bottom of the Serpent Mini is the airflow ring, which has two 1.5mm by 10mm holes.
With the airflow wide open the draw is a comfortable yet mildly restricted DTL, but with the airflow closed the Serpent Mini does allow for a proper MTL draw if you like.
That in itself makes the Serpent Mini a rather versatile RTA, because not many of the current mainstream RTAs offer a proper MTL option.

The Serpent Mini comes in stainless steel or black for the regular versions, but if you’re lucky enough to win one of Wotofo’s contests you might be able to score one of the 24K gold plated ones like the one I have.
In terms of functionality it doesn’t make any difference, but I have to admit the gold one has found a place in my heart. It just looks fancy as fuck.

So let’s have a look at the Serpent 50W boxmod now.
It’s a tiny little boxmod with a built-in battery good for 2000mAh, it puts out a maximum of 50W, and also does temperature control for Ni, Ti and SS316L.
The fact that it’s so small makes it an excellent daily carry, especially because the 2000mAh battery does last quite long at lower wattages.
If you combine it with the Serpent Mini and run it at let’s say 40W, it’s a great vape and it won’t weigh you down.

Wotofo also made sure that despite the size, the form was easy and comfortable. So they made the back of the mod a nice curved one, and placed the screen on top of the mod.
The screen is bright and very easy to read, even in direct lighting.
The firing button and regulatory buttons reside on the spine of the mod, in a black cropcircle-like pattern.
Just below the buttons is a USB charging port which can take upto 1A for fast charging. When the battery is full, it will say so on the display.

In terms of poweroutput, it does suffer slightly from a drop in power when the battery around 25%.
When the battery is full the mod will put out a fairly accurate 49.7W, which is surprisingly accurate for such a small mod.
The temperature control isn’t the best, but it does work well. With Ni coils I noticed a slight overpowered output, with Ti and SS316L the TC kicked in as intended and the cotton was spared from a fiery death.


Serpent Mini 50W

Serpent Mini RTA

Pros and Cons.


  • Serpent Mini is a flavorchaser pur sang
  • Serpent boxmod is tiny and easy to pocket
  • Serpent Mini is easy to build
  • Serpent boxmod is fairly accurate
  • Battery lasts quite long
  • The gold plated Serpent Mini is a thing of beauty


  • One of the screws in the Serpent Mini deck was stripped upon arrival. (Replacements are included.)
  • Serpent boxmod does suffer a bit from power drop when the battery is below 25%
  • Temperature control for Ni was not as accurate as it should

In conclusion.

Wotofo doesn’t just know how to make RTAs, they’ve set the bar for a flavorchasing RTA higher.
The Serpent Mini is by far the most flavorful mini RTA I’ve ever come across and I would highly recommend it if you want pure flavor.
I’m certain it will stay in my rotation for an extremely long time.
The Serpent boxmod isn’t perfect, but it’s a great mod to throw in your pocket without having to worry about the weight or the batterylife.
It’s a well designed and easy to use mod that offers a lot of functionality in a small package.
Combining the Serpent boxmod and the Serpent Mini is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have a tiny flavorchasing setup to carry around, or for anyone who wants a satisfying vape without blowing huge clouds for that matter.
Would I replace the Serpent Mini if this one broke? Fuck yes, without a doubt. Would I replace the Serpent boxmod? Probably not, there are a few other small boxmod that have drawn my attention (which I’ll also be reviewing later on).

In closing I would like to thank Wotofo for sending out the Serpent Mini 24K edition and Serpent 50W boxmod!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at another small and convenient mod, the Innokin Coolfire Pebble!

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