Wotofo Serpent RDTA Review

After being the lucky winner of the https://www.heavengifts.com/ Wotofo Serpent Rdta Competition and being asked to do a review (something new for me) on the prize here are my thoughts.

Super fast delivery from Heavengifts this little package winged its way to rural Australia in a mere 6 days. I have had packages coming from 200km away that took longer. I was very happy with the packaging, swathed in bubble wrap - enough to keep the kids amused for hours once they start popping it.

The box is fairly standard packaging with all the standard foam trays and little goodie bags and a scratch and sniff authentication label

Time for a photo collage

The 3 goodie bags were identical mystery bags to look at but each one was different they contained all your bits and bobs.

a) 2 rather nice SS fused claptons (3.5 mm i.d).
b) A swag of O rings, insulators and spare screws.
c) A wad of cotton.

Also in the box was a spare glass, a wide (ish) bore delrin driptip, a standard instruction booklet that was glanced at and never read (yes they are only there for show :grinning: ), a little cardboard tee shirt cut out thanking me for my purchase and offering me a chance to win a tee shirt if I posted a photo of the Wotofo Serpent and followed @wotofoofficial on instagram , a phillips head screwdriver.

The Wotofo Serpent was clean with no oil residue but I am a bit fussy so I disassembled it and threw it all in the usc. Disassembly is quite easily done by undoing the 510 pin and then unscrewing the deck from the glass.

Well since I have them I decided to run with the supplied coils (I had them in the usc as well). As you can see the deck is similar to the Pharaoh RDA but on a smaller scale and missing one feature that I really like about the Pharoah - the mounting plates are not spring loaded, just a little thing and not a huge big deal but it made mounting the coils up just a little fiddly.

I filled the tank, now it is important to note that the round holes are for filling and the oval hole is airflow. While I did notice this during my disassembly it would be easy to squirt a bit of juice into the airflow when doing low light refill(if I had have bothered to look at the instruction book there would have been no need for me to observe this for myself).

Fill holes (not sure if the second is to allow air to escape or there are some new double headed squirt bottles coming onto the market, I suspect the former)

Air flow

All ready to vape so what is it like?

For the most part I like it there are a few little things that I think could be better but overall it is a good little unit.

The Serpent official stats

2.5 ml of you favourite juice (or some other concoction you made by mistake)
41 mm tall
22mm diameter

Available in Stainless Steel or Black for a paltry $31.50usd (ss) or $33.50usd (black)

From https://www.heavengifts.com

Stainless Steel

So here is my list of pros and cons.


  1. Great Flavour.
  2. The coils are pretty close to the top (which may also be a con for some).
  3. The wick holes are big.
  4. For a relatively small unit the deck is quite spacious. (personally I wouldn’t put a coil in that was smaller than 3mm i.d YMMV).
  5. As expected the Wotofo Serpent is well built (no crunchy threads) and was very clean on arrival.
  6. 2 drips tips 1 wide (ish) bore and a a 510 (with adapter)
  7. The perfect size if you want an unobtrusive rdta.


  1. Very minor but I really think that the mounting plates would be awesome if they were spring loaded.
  2. The supplied drips tips are nice but a little short for me. I ditched both and put a resin 510 drip tip on which cooled the vape to a more comfortable level.
  3. The chance of squirting your juice into the airflow is a possibility if the light is bad or you can’t see so well.

I would recommend it for those who want a smaller capacity rdta who love great flavour

Cheers @all and thank you https://www.heavengifts.com for the opportunity to try one out.


very nice review, you should do more. very well informed thank you.


Cheers thankyou for your kind words.


Nice review, lets hope you can keep get them coming.


I need this!


Nice review Woftam. Thank you!


Excellent job with the review. You’re a natural :thumbsup:


Nice review.

I have my eye on this but hoping they release a 25mm version. Funny about the drip tip. All of my Wotofo tanks came with relly nice driptips that are just a little too short for my liking.


Awesome and very informative review man :ok_hand: good skills :wink:


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@Fenrir1 @TheTinMan1 @DrChud @louiesquared @Pugs1970 @Lolly

Thank you all for your kind words - it is a lot harder than I imagined. Kudos Pugs for doing it all the time.


Good job man nice plan of attack lol. I did my first review ever on the lush plus that I won on a Heaven Gifts giveaway and you’re right man, it’s more involved than one would think. Did you enjoy doing it though?


Ya it was fun. I wouldn’t mind doing a few more.


Me too man i thought the same thing lol. Well good luck to you if you decide to continue. Like most things, im sure it gets easier with repetition


really nice review , im a huge wotofo fan


@woftam @SignMan both of you should consider doing a few more. They were both excellent.


nice review in my old age was thinking that I had that one
head fog my is serpent smm the duel coils was the head fog
mine single coil with the help suck my mod
thank you great review now i am on the same page


Hi @woftam, well done thank you​:clap::+1:t2::star_struck:

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