WOTOFO Serpent - Very Interesting Single Coil RTA

If you like single coil RTA’s this one looks very interesting. I can see the incorporation of several other RTA’s features. I thought perhaps it may be good for MTL vapers but not so sure. Check it out.


It has 13mm x 1.5mm dual air slots should be good for lung and mtl. Have never seen one with this method of mounting the coil.

I know. When I do spaced coils for a single deck (and some duals) I always have to booger around with it to get the leads where they’re not touching that first coil wrap. This deck looks like it would make easy work of that task.

True it does…would take some practice mounting the coil also looks like there would be room for artistic coils. Wire holes look huge…wicking channel is the largest I have seen.