Wotofo Troll V2 Review

Recently i won a Troll V2 on reddit and here are my thoughts. Sorry for the lack of pics but my 21MP camera takes some pretty crappy pics.

I would like to start off by saying that i probably would not buy this as the troll face is kinda ugly but i would be wrong for judging it based on its appearance. This thing has a 10mm juice well, great airflow options, a bit over 2.5mm post holes, 2 drip tip options and a Velocity style deck.

It comes with 3 twisted coils that appear to be 26g something or other, the wire is magnetic but it doesn’t say what it is so i haven’t and wont use it. It also comes with plenty of spare o-rings and screws as well as a pack of cotton.

The two airflow options are for flavor (horizontal) vs clouds (diagonal). Honestly i cant tell much of a difference between the two options but the most powerful mod i have is 75w and I’m running it at 60w.

The deck is fantastic, the deep well allows for tons of juice to keep up with high powered builds. I put a dual 3.5mm 24g 316L build at .24 ohms on it and there is still plenty of room. The neg post is milled into the deck, the pos post is sitting on a peak insulator attached to a non-adjustable 510 screw. At least it doesn’t appear to be adjustable as loosening it also loosens the pos post. Airflow adjustment moves easily but not so much that it will spin on it own.

So how does it vape? It produces some very nice flavor and huge clouds (of course the two aren’t mutually exclusive). I’m vaping with the horizontal airflow about 3/4 open which is plenty for the power that i am putting through it. The flavor is on par with some of my favorite RDA’s and the airflow options are excellent.

Alright, ill get on the with pro’s/con’s.

HUGE juice well (10mm deep)
HUGE post holes (2.5mm+)
Lots of airflow
Good flavor
Nicely machined
Two drip tip options
Lots of extras
Arrived quite clean, just a quick wash was all that was needed

The Troll face is kinda fugly
No single coil option
Unknown wire included, just labeled Comp Wire

Tl;dr - Just read it! hehe


last night I ordered this as my first RDA.


It is a good one, i have a couple of them and they are the only RDAs i use now. I even retired my Plume Veil’s, never thought that would happen.

Hope you enjoy as much as i do @vapingannie.


I do enjoy the Troll V2, however find the rings on the to be unbearably too tight. I also find the airflow holes to be a pain to move. Other than that GREAT device. Chucks it great.

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I have the same issue on the black one but the SS V2 i have no issues at all, weird.

I realise this is a slightly old thread, but I was searching for info about the Troll v2 and single coil build as the Troll comes with 3 coils, one pair and a single coil.
It does in fact have a single coil option. Just have a Google around. On my tablet, can’t be arsed to go find the links now.

As soon as my batteries are charged I’m going to pop that mofo in there and try it out.


I never did answer this. It is because of the black paint. The SS does not have paint so moves freely. Just a design flaw.


I ended up removing the middle o-ring on the base and replaced the o-rings on the airflow adjustment, cost like 40 cents at the local hardware store.

I did end up buying a couple more in SS, for backups, they are still my daily RDAs.


Yeah I love them.