WOTOFO Warrior RDA Review

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I was able to review the Wotofo Warrior RDA by the wonderful people of @Healthcabin. This will not skew my view of the following review. The pics above are the RDA and lovely trinkets inside the bold green box. Now for the review.

The Wotofo Warrior RDA is honestly a kind of mixed bag of good and bad. The Warrior comes with some juggernaut coils, do your lips a favor and do not install these coils. It will burn the shit out of them quickly on the metal dome piece. (Normally the coils that come with the WOTOFO products are spot on and great for the device. This is one case where the coil selection was horrible in my opinion.) I suggest some smaller coils. Here is the deck pic for @CosmicTruth

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So installing the coils with the clamp system can be a pain in the butt. You have to turn it on its side or upside down so, the metal clamps can accommodate the coil install. When you finally get the coils in and clamped down it is not bad. Just getting the coils in can be wonky, especially installing the larger coils. Now that coils are out of the way let’s go to the device.

It is a solidly constructed device and the machining is good. The device itself is heavier than most and comes with a squonk pin installed out of the box. So, I used it for the squonk option and it is not bad and does excel at being a decent squonk RDA. Now the dome itself does collect lip gunk quite readily. You are constantly cleaning this device, which can be a con in my opinion. If the larger coils are installed the dome gets hot, I mean super-hot. Also not in a sexy or spicy way. Even with the heavy airflow, the dome can get hot as hell. A definite con as this device boasts that it can house larger coils. Now with the smaller coils installed this actually is a decent device. I really like the RDA when all the wonkiness is finally worked through. I have enjoyed the Warrior with the smaller coils installed. The juice well is deep and can house a bit of juice. You can over squonk and it will leak out the sides, so be careful, especially with the larger coils installed, the liquid will get hot and burn you. It does produce great vapor and is a decent buy. Not the best buy out there, but a decent one if you are willing to put up with the issues mentioned above. I can recommend this device, but not highly recommend this device as there should not be large coils in this device without a warning on the product that it will get hot! If you do get this device, please be careful with it. This is my honest review of the Warrior RDA by WOTOFO.

It is on sale now for less than 12 bucks here: https://www.healthcabin.net/wotofo-warrior-rda-p/18442.html
Actually a great deal!

Remember as always keep your vape on and your wicks wet!


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