Would love feedback on my recipe - Coconut Marzipan

I’ve always struggled to find bought pre-made juice.
Then I found out about making your own.
I’ve made a few which were ok, until I made this latest one which I can’t stop vaping.
I would love to hear your feedback.

I would suggest putting all flavors in Name (company) format

Coconut (TPA)
Almond (FA)

It would make it easier for people to know what flavors your using and let people find your recipes faster. I personally can’t stand Coconut so it won’t be one I would try but the % look alright.

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Some of the Concentrates were bought from a local reputable supplier who rebrand their bottles so I am unsure of who the actual manufacturer is…

The flavors are probably TPA flavors. It’s doubtful that those people would rebrand more expensive flavor companies. What you paid and for how much would most likely give a few clues…

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I’m thinking that 7% of coconut TFA would be quite high but I suppose if the milk and almond are up pretty high theirselves it may offset it. Personally I feel you could get similar results at a much lower overall % but it doesn’t matter what matter is that it works for you and you enjoy it. Glad you found something you made and like !

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I probably could with the percentages but it tastes superb to me.
Its a shake and Vape juice. tasting great as soon as mixed…

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I will change the unknown to TPA’s as they weren’t expensive.

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That’s true also if it’s good right away and stays good don’t mess with perfection :slight_smile:


I agree. Perfection for you is the key.