Would these flavors work together?

Its my first time to try to create a complex recipe.
I’m low on budget right now and I’m craving for chocolates. What better way to do than to create a chocolate inspired e-juice recipe. I would like it to taste like Reeses but I’ve already tried other simple recipes and they’re not satisfaying.
Can you tell me if this recipe would work for making a Reeses profile recipe?

Choco fudge brownie (cap) at 2%
Double choco clear (tpa) at 4%
Milk chocolate (tpa) at 2%
Peanut butter (tpa) at 7%
Sweet cream (tpa) at 1%
Graham cracker clear at 3%
Roasted almond at 0.5%

I only constructed this recipe on my mind, cause I don’t want to waste money buying the wrong concentrates. As I said, I’m low on budget right now. So I’m kindly asking if these flavors would all workout together, is it worth to try? or is it missing key flavors? I just need some opinions

The flavors will surely work together but I think your %'s are high.

Either way, be prepared for coil gunking. Just clean them regularly.

I am guessing you haven’t purchased them yet, but my suggestion is to always make a tester for any/every new flavor(s) you get. I make 20ml testers, that way I have plenty to test, yet plenty left to let age…then I can always go test them again to refresh my palate when planning new recipes with them.


How did you decide on which chocolates?

Balancing cocoa’s between brands can be very hard. It may be very rewarding or just horrible.

In terms of budget mixing you may need to try 8 different chocolates to find the right one that hits just right. (Not 8 in the mix, but finding the right ONE)

I wish you the best of luck. Happy mixing. For the above recipie I would recomend trying variations of it. Subtract and add. You may also want a hidden dash of fresh cream FA to take off a few of the sharp notes that may not be desired.


If I were to mix with those flavors, I think I would’ve chosen one of the chocolates. Or mix three different mixes, one for each chocolate. That way you will be able to find out which one you like the best and next time you can try two of them together if you think they will complement each other. Remember to report back how your recipe turns out for you. :slight_smile:


Hence the reason to make testers for each flavor you get.

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