Wow every invoice (AutoStash)

Wow it should be easier to add flavors that you just bought. wish I could use the invoice from nicotine River to automatically upload into my flavor stash, one at a time that took a while but I leveled up my flavors and I cannot figure out how to use all the flavors. Com that site sucks but should be easier to add flavors your stash and size of bottles if you can just upload from your invoice happy sweet

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Great idea , when we get that figured out we should look into a way to mix the top recipes with just the push of a button.


Yeah, I just had 39 new Real Flavors to add yesterday. I went to flavor list, searched "(SC) (Real Flavors) to get the list of flavors then with my invoice scrolled down picked the ones on my list, added them and the price point. I had all 39 done in under 20mins and thats with reading the notes on them as well. Now on the flip side of this I would REALLY like to be able to upload my shopping list to Nicotine River. That would be a time saver.


Maybe I’m just tired and reading this wrong, but what’s the problem?
You get a new flavor - hit up the Flavor List - type name in Search box - sort results on the Recipes column - select your flavor with highest # of recipes - Add To Stash!
Takes all of 10 seconds.

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