WOW (FA) Challenge question

Nicotine River has a review posted for FA Wow, which I just got in the mail today. One of of their reviews, they have a user stating the following.

"“The flavor matches that description without a doubt. Unfortunately for us the “wow” factor was how spot on it was vs how much we enjoyed the flavor.

Pro: Tastes exactly like the description.

Con: The flavor didn’t have that combustive magic that fully satisfies.

Conclusion: I didn’t take any stars away because it really does taste like the real thing (as advertised), but I would like to see a bit more sweetness and strength. I can’t wait to order more flavors by FA, keep up the good work guys.

NOTE: We originally mixed this at 5% flavor which was waaaaay too low. 11% was better but 15% gave us the robust feeling of having just bit into a jelly filled powdered sugar covered donut.”

"but 15% gave us the robust feeling of having just bit into a jelly filled powdered sugar covered donut.”

Its page 2 on the review, and I’ve seen mixed ideas about you gotta use .000002% or it’ll be playdough, then 10-15% and its a wonderful standalone.

What say you?

Profile says best use is 3% but looking for those who have used in it the upper percentages before I trial and error it.


15% wow all I can say is wow I think most i have used is 2.5% but i have seen it used at 4%. Not what you asked I know but wow. :flushed:


The only explanation I have for this is they where using a cleromizer. This was my first recipe with wow I used it to back up the cinnamon roll. I only used 2%


The review was left in july 2016, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

…but I do love me some jelly doughnuts. my guilty pleasure.


Depends on what equipment our vaping on for sure, I have used it in recipes from 2-4% ,standalone up to 6% but I enjoy it with a dash of Joy .25-,50% a little Meringue 1-2% and your filling if choice and that depends also on potency. That is for a sub ohm mix high Vg over 70 watts. The filler is what you have to figure out a good % for depending on what is used.


I would just say try it in a small sample. Does sound strange when they say 5% is way too low as I havent gone above 4% in a mix and 5% standalone, but you never know, no set rule on percentages. I have a friend who has just vaped caramel for a couple of years, and found out a few months ago it is just FA caramel from his local shop and it must be 8-10%. Never woul dhav eknow it was FA and I have used it for years, totally different flavour like that, not for me, but worked for him for years.
Personally I find it weirder the big trend from a lot of people to seem to want to use as little flavouring as possible with 4 or 5 flavours at a total of 4-5% and they are fairly weak ones often from capella or tpa, mixed a couple and tasted little at all, I want stronger flavours…15% though is wow like other people have said


A couple of the low percent flavors like flv, which 1 or 2% is equal to like 8-12% of another juice like tpa or etc

if its like 4% all tpa, then that’s a ghost hint of a flavor…maybe haha “I think I taste…uh… I dunno, let me vape it again” -its a trap to keep people vaping it

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No what I mean is some of these 4% recipes that have like 0.5% of some of the tpa/fw/cap flavours in…to me that has about as much effect as a fart in a hurricane

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The stuff I put .5 of in:

-Super Sweet/EM/Brown Sugar
-Vanillin 10%
-Tobacco Absolute


There are literally flavors that .5% really is as much as you want to use. As DJ said, Smooth is one. Menthol can be noticed at such low %'s, and something like TFA Maraschino Cherry is so powerful it’s practically unvapable over 3 or 4%. I was like you as well; could not believe such a tiny amount of flavor would do anything. But over time I’ve found it to be factual.

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lychee tpa… another low % flavor

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