Wow this is something

this is crazy!!!

H R Giger Alien mod :smile:

That’s a little too much for a mod… price and look. :confused:

That’s creepy as hell. thats something alright. Freaky BUT to each their own :flushed:

Reminds me somewow of the Matrix … something about that thing that was stuck in Neo’s neck. Now I’m scared…running away!

Have some fun with Airport Security

I saw this thing back in Feb/March (Madvapes was denying anything to do with it) and the photo I saw was a much more refined and polished looking model. It’s nice but no way worth the price. I also saw a matching RDA or RTA that made the entire thing very Giger-ish. Don’t know it that will be coming out or not.
It is way cool, but it would have to drop considerably before I would think of buying it.